What Does The First Letter Of Your Name Reveals About You?

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What’s in a name, you might ask, just like Shakespeare did, but did you know that your name could reveal a lot about your personality? While palmistry and astrology are popular sciences that let us in on divine prophecies and prognostication, the not-so-distant cousin of this branch of science, numerology equips us with the skill to decode the mystery behind the person that you are. To be precise, the first letter of your name holds the key to your persona and temperament. The symbolism of the first alphabet that your name carries has always been significant. This isn’t something that we’re making up owing to boredom. According to numerology, every letter of your name carries a numerical value and each of these numbers is associated with certain attitudes, vibes, energies, and qualities (1). So, without further ado, let’s find out what the initials of our name tag reveal about us:

Numerology And Alphabets

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Like we said earlier, each alphabet is awarded a certain numeric value. Are you curious to know what the numeric value of your name is? Here’s the value for each alphabet as per numerology:

1 = A, I, J, Q, Y
2 =B, K, R
3 = C, G, L, S
4 = D, M, T
5 = E, H, N, X
6 = U, V, W
7 = O, Z
8 = F, P

If that look’s like a Gordian knot to you, you don’t have to scratch your head. Here’s how you calculate the numeric value of your name. Suppose your name is Anjala (well, that’s my name too, so same pinch!), A=1, N=5, J=1, A=1, L=3, A=1. That sums up to 1+5+1+1+3+1= 12. Now, since it equals a double-digit, we add the two digits, i.e, 1+2=3. So my moniker number is 3. What’s yours? Now that we know how our names hold numeric value and that the first letter of our name unravels something interesting about our turn of mind, we can choose our names wisely (maybe for our kids).

1. If Your Name Starts With A

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In accordance with numerology, the letter A resonates with the number 1. Often people with this numeric value are considered as influential individuals. You love to take control of things and are generally a symbol of confidence, courage, and boldness. Usually, the A-lettered people are trailblazers, torch-bearers, leaders, and motivators. You are well aware of your innate capabilities and powers. But, you may appear as an arrogant and rude person to others. However, you have a fine taste for things and are pragmatic in nature. On the negative scale, you’re a neophyte at reading between the lines.

2. If Your Name Starts With B

As the number 2 stands for emotions and duality, you are an emphatic and an emotional person. You are extremely courteous and you feel for others. The B-lettered people generally have the knack to deal with complicated situations. However, one thing that’s the dearest to you is your privacy.

3. If Your Name Starts With C

The numeric value is 3, and you are all about the 3Cs — communication, creativity, and curiosity. You love to live life to the fullest and you do so. You are admired and loved by many for your social skills. Your charming personality is however tainted with one silly drawback: you’re a control freak.

4. If Your Name Starts With D

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On the exterior, you are Ironman and on the inside, you’re a softy. You are capable of intimidating people with your strength, but you keep your caring and gentle soul under the wraps. Your numeric value, 4, represents balance, security, and hard work. But, on the flip side, you can be stubborn often to your own detriment.

5. If Your Name Starts With E

The number fives on the list are risk takers and adventure seekers. If your name begins with an E, you are imaginative and very receptive to change. You hat boredom and you are constantly seeking out for intelligent conversations. Communication is your sweet spot oh happiness. The downside of your letter is that you could occasionally be flaky and capricious.

6. If Your Name Starts With F

You’re all about love and warm-heartedness. You crave for loyalty, romance, and solicitude. As troubleshooters, you often proffer help to others. Your vices are that your self-piteous and often too sensitive.

7. If Your Name Starts With G

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Wrapped in mysticism, spirituality, and religious beliefs, you are an imaginative and creative person. You are nothing less than a perfectionist. The one thing that you can’t stop doing is seeking action. Sedentary lifestyles bore you.

8. If Your Name Starts With H

As the letter suggests, you are H for hungry for success. And you’re a dream chaser. You have a great acumen for success and creating wealth for yourself. Having said that, you could get greedy and self-absorbed.

9. If Your Name Starts With I

You are a humanitarian and you believe that you should be given enough attention. You are sensitive and compassionate but you prefer luxury over love.

10. If Your Name Starts With J

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You are the Ranveer Singh of the lot aka the powerhouse of energy. You are detailed and meticulous beings with a committed and loyal character. You have a knack of dealing with

11. If Your Name Starts With K

As a number 2 on the numeric value, K represents someone who goes to extremes. Although you are strong-willed and influential, you should always thrive to be true to yourself. You work best in a partnership.

12. If Your Name Starts With L

You are a very charitable person with an active communicative life. As charismatic as you are, you are also cheeky and social. You often exude enthusiasm and a wonderful sense of inspiration.

13. If Your Name Starts With M

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You are unstoppable and nothing can come in between you and the finishing line. The M-lettered folks have a great level of self-confidence. Although highly volatile, they calculate the risks before taking a step.

14. If Your Name Starts With N

Imagination, fun, and freedom define you. You think outside the box and you are always open to change. You’re a curious cat that needs freedom of through, ideas, actions and lifestyles. You are highly intuitive.

15. If Your Name Starts With O

The rule of the land doesn’t apply to you, because you believe in your own rulebook. Just like the A-lettered individuals, they are motivators and visionaries. You demand other people comply with your rules.

16. If Your Name Starts With P

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Your social status means a lot to you and this forces to be the version of yourself. But, you have an air of mystery about yourself. You are always seeking knowledge and wisdom.

17. If Your Name Starts With Q

In addition to a philosophical nature, traveling is what fuels your persona. You are an explorer and a natural do-er. Loyalty, truthfulness, and dependency define you.

18. If Your Name Starts With R

One word — Sapiosexuals. You prefer intellect over appearance. You can go to lengths to keep yourself abreast of the news and the happenings of the world. Knowledge and intellect are your true love.

19. If Your Name Starts With S

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The S-lettered mortals are made of selflessness, self-confidence, and self-reliance. Their willpower can move mountains. To you, good deeds matter more than polished words.

20. If Your Name Starts With T

You are hellbent on sticking to a plan. You loathe the idea of change and you run your life through a thorough routine. You love peace and harmony.

21. If Your Name Starts With U

Positivity pervades over you and you radiate happy vibes. There’s nothing that can bog you down because you arm yourself with the superweapon of optimism.

22. If Your Name Starts With V

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Although the letter is homophonic to the word “we”, you like your own space. You like to keep people at an arm’s length. But you are pragmatically inclined towards completing every task that you undertake.

23. If Your Name Starts With W

You are overly impulsive and egoistic. You often love pleasure and consistent change. They value themselves as the supremo.

24. If Your Name Starts With X

In addition to having an interesting name, you have an interesting love life. You are also great at multitasking. However, your mind is often found wandering.

25. If Your Name Starts With Y

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Why do you have a guard up all the time, mate? Y-lettered folks are emotional but they never let the world see them for who they are. And you love being in control of your life.

26. If Your Name Starts With Z

You guys are passionate lovers and are obsessed about love. As much as it is a good thing to make the place full of love, you often dig your own grave owing to excessive loving. You love beyond pain and suffering.

So, what does your name say about you? Let us know in the comments below.


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