What Happens To Your Body If You Start Eating 2 Cloves A Day

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Cloves are dried flower buds taken from the tree of the same name which belongs to the tropical evergreen section. This tree can grow up to be a whopping 30 feet high tree. It thrives in warm and humid climates. Clove trees are commonly found in Indonesia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. 80 percent of the world’s clove production today comes from Tanzania (1).

Even though many people love its smell, clove isn’t among the tastiest spices known to mankind. It is kind of sweet and it definitely adds flavor to your dishes but you know what it’s like to mistakenly bite into a clove when you’re hogging some delicious biriyani, right? However, eating clove has many health benefits and you may want to re-think about your habit of picking out the cloves from your food. Cloves can easily be incorporated into your daily dishes and if you don’t want to do that, you can just eat them directly. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the key benefits of this amazing spice that back up the fact that two cloves a day, keeps the doctor away! Read on to know more.

Helps Improve Digestion

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According to certain studies conducted on animals, clove essential oil improves the production of gastric mucus. This mucus helps protect the inner lining of our digestive tract from the damage caused by stomach acids. If you’re suffering from acidity and digestion-related issues, clove oil can probably help you with it and save you from the inflammation of the stomach. In the future, we can hope that clove can help in the treatment of stomach ulcers due to its therapeutic properties. Cloves can also help with many other issues related to our digestive system like constipation, diarrhea, and vomiting to promote better metabolism (2).

Fights Against Oral Health Problems

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Clove owes most of its health benefits to the compound eugenol, which constitutes almost 89% of the spice. Eugenol is a very beneficial compound and has antiseptic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. This is why it is very effective in treating dental pain, mouth ulcers, sore gums, bad breath, and cavities. Clove oil is also used to treat toothaches and gum pain because of its soothing properties. Other spices that contain eugenol like cinnamon, basil, and nutmeg oils are also used for oral problems (3).

Clears Up Cold

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It’s not always a good idea to pop pills into your mouth whenever you get a running nose or a headache. This is why most of us rely on simple at-home tricks like taking steam and applying some vapor rub balm when we get a cold. Cloves have been used as a natural remedy to treat cold for ages. If you ask your grandmother, you’ll get to know about the different types of kashaya (decoction) people used to make with the help of cloves for various ailments. Make a tea out of some cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon and drink it twice a day if you have cold and congestion. Also, drop a few cloves or some clove oil into the hot water flask before taking steam. This will help you bid goodbye to the cold soon(4).

Wipes Out Acne

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Acne is painful and it affects the quality of your skin considerably. If you’re suffering from constant breakouts, cloves can be your savior! Again, eugenol is the compound that we need to thank because its anti-bacterial properties fight acne and its anti-inflammatory properties relieve you from the pain. The best way to use cloves for acne is by making a facemask out of it. Mix a tablespoon of ground cloves with a few drops of honey and lemon juice. Now apply this paste on your face for about twenty minutes and then rinse. Repeat this process every day and you’ll see your acne disappear in no time (5).

Good For Your Skin

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Clove oil is good for your skin which is why it is infused in soaps, perfumes, and lotions. Eugenol in cloves keeps your skin away from bacterial invasion and acne. The compound also soothes your skin and helps it look fresher. If you don’t have a good skin product with clove oil infused into it, you can make it on your own. All you’ve got to do is to mix some of your regular moisturizer with a few drops of clove oil. Clove oil is also known to fight against the signs of aging like wrinkles and dark spots. Apply a few drops of clove oil with a cotton ball on your face twice a day and rinse it off to notice the difference in the youthfulness of your skin in just days. Clove oil also helps in gently exfoliating your skin so that the glowing and healthy layer of your skin doesn’t get covered by dead cells (6).

To sum up, cloves are of great benefit if you eat them on a regular basis. They are also efficient in dealing with skin problems like acne. If you don’t want to eat them directly, there are hundreds of dishes to which you can incorporate cloves. Do you like the taste of cloves? Have you ever used it for a medicinal purpose? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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