What Happens To Your Body When You Cuddle

by Chandrama Deshmukh

Cuddling feels great, doesn’t it? Cuddling your partner, your baby or your pet never fails to lift your spirits. It is a beautiful expression of love and gives a lot of assurance and positivity to the relationship. Cuddles between a couple come mostly after some passionate moments in bed, but it may come as a prelude to the action too!

Now, it is a well-known thing that men aren’t much into cuddling. Most men prefer to just clean up and sink their head into their pillows for a snooze after the climax has been reached. But women are of a different kind, as they need to be cuddled, kissed, hugged, and caressed even after lovemaking is done. Women, unlike men, need a lot of assurance and comfort, and nothing works better for a woman than a loving cuddle.

Before you ask why, the reason for this is simple. Hugging, kissing or even touching actually increases the level of oxytocin in one’s body. This hormone, also known as the ‘bonding hormone,’ can help reduce blood pressure, stress, and anxiety. Now that you know why a cuddle feels so soothing, are you curious to know the other beautiful effects cuddling has on your body? Then read on!

1. Immunity Gets Better


According to a report published in CNN, amongst the multitude of benefits physical touch provides, a significant one is boosting up one’s immune system. A light massage, a gentle hug, a loving cuddle or lovemaking can cause the muscles to relax, heart rate to lower, blood pressure to fall, and cortisol hormone (also known as the stress hormone) levels to dip. Basically, cortisol suppresses the immune response and by lowering its concentration in our blood, we our effectively bolstering our immunity.

According to a research conducted to measure the immune system of healthy adults who either took a 45-minute long Swedish massage or were subjected to 45-minutes of light touching, the number of white blood cells ( including the ‘Natural Killer cells’ that combat infection) observed in the adults that received the Swedish massage were significantly higher (1). No wonder you crave for a comforting touch, a cuddle or a hug when you are under the weather!

2. Blood Pressure Lowers


Having a splitting headache? Stressed about something you can’t do much about? Be careful your blood pressure is rising, and a high blood pressure means an overworked heart. But before you pop a pill to get rid of a headache, you must know that there is a much better and lasting solution than that pill. A warm hug from your partner works a lot faster than that pill. And if that hug leads to a romp in the bedroom, you will wake up all charged up and beaming.

3. Your Heart Rate Slows Down


Most of us have been lucky enough to get a comforting hug or a passionate cuddle from our partners. Upon being touched, the miracle hormone oxytocin rises, while the stress hormone called cortisol drops, all of which leads to a sense of calmness, well-being, and, yes, a drop in the heart rate! So, if your heart is in your mouth for that meeting tomorrow with the boss, you surely need a warm and loving touch above anything else.

4. Your Pain Vanishes


Did you know that human touch can be an analgesic too? I am sure you do! We have had umpteen incidents where we have tripped, fallen, and bruised ourselves, and we all carry beautiful memories of our mother kissing those bruises. Even those memories suck the pain out of you, don’t they?

Reports published in Well & Good from a study conducted by Haifa University in Israel confirm that love can be a great pain-killer indeed. In this study female volunteers were repeatedly touched on the ear by a hot iron rod. Some women had strangers holding their hands, some had their partners or loved ones next to them, while some had their partners stroking their hands and holding them. The women who had their partners holding and stroking their hands had tamed the pain better (2). It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that touch plays Tylenol, wouldn’t it?

Now that you know how cuddling can benefit you and your partner’s health, make sure to squeeze in as many cuddles, hugs, and lovemaking sessions, the way you squeeze in those fitness sessions and healthy foods in your daily life!

While being such a simple yet effective healer, touch has been found to be overpowered by jealousy, anger, difference of opinions, and stress. Hence, make sure these banes of modern-day living do not creep into your lives and spoil its beauty. For a stronger heart, better confidence, and a lot more we all dream of, raise frequent cuddles to the top of your couple goals list NOW!

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