What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Milk Every Day?

by Chandrama Deshmukh

Nowadays, it’s just about impossible to have any faith in the health advice bombarded upon us by our family, friends, and the internet. After all, it’s just so conflicting! Who does one believe? And one of the many controversial health tips we can come by is the daily consumption of milk.

Our moms have been waxing lyrical on the many virtues of drinking milk pretty much since kindergarten. However, once we began to approach adulthood, suddenly, the narrative began to change, and we were deluged with suggestions of steering clear of milk as it could lead to digestive ailments, produce weight gain, etc.

All this contradictory advice is enough to make anyone’s head spin! Where do we stand on milk? Is it good or bad? Well, today, we’re going to let you decide by the end of this article. Here’s a list of all the scientifically backed changes that occur in one’s body when one drinks milk every single day!

1. It Can Lead To Acne


Thanks to its constituent, D-galactose (read: a product of lactose breakdown), dairy is known for its inflammatory properties (1). What this basically means is that if you suddenly spot breakouts after chugging 2-3 glasses full of the goodness of milk, well, there may just be a connection there! This is also one of the reasons why some dermatologists advise moderating or completely cutting out dairy products like milk, yogurt, kefir and cheese from one’s diet when the acne situation is difficult to tackle.

2. It Can Produce Bloating

Apart from transporting your face back to its acne-riddled-troubled-teens, the rumors regarding dairy causing bloating may also actually have some substance. Of course, there’s the sect of the population who is already lactose intolerant and cannot ingest milk without bloating up like a balloon. But what about the rest of us? Are we also at risk of bloating when drinking milk?

Well, according to experts, the answer is – yes! As we get older, our digestive system stops being as sophisticated as it was during its heydays. Which is why we can face difficulty processing dairy, which, in turn, could lead to severe bloating. In such a case, if you’d really prefer to avoid any bloating, it’s best to opt for soy milk as an alternative.

3. It Can Aid In Weight Loss


That’s right, folks! It’s not all bad news down in dairy land. According to experts, consuming milk every day could actually promote fat-burning properties and weight loss in women. It is recommended that 3 servings of milk per day could actually help yield more fat loss in the long run, especially if the consumer happens to be following a healthy diet and partaking in regular exercise.

4. It’s An Awesome Protein Source

Unlike the immensely popular, artificially manufactured protein supplements and powders, cow milk supplies its consumer with 1 gram of extremely high-quality protein (read: it contains all the essential amino acids) per ounce. And that’s not all! This protein derived from cow’s milk is doubly special for it can also aid in preventing us from overeating. Experts say that this is because proteins help slow down our digestion, which aids in us getting full faster and feeling satiated for longer (2).

5. It Has Fewer Calories And More Nutrition


If you’re an obsessive calorie-counter, then consider yourself in luck! Not only does cow’s milk help supply extra protein for fitness enthusiasts who are looking to get leaner and more toned, but it also supplies this ‘extra’ nutrition for much fewer calories, relatively speaking.

6. It’s A Great Calcium Source

If there is one childhood lesson that we have all retained, it has to be the fact that milk is brimming with the goodness of calcium! This is, hands down, its biggest USP across the globe. Now, scientists would say that you could get your calcium from other sources as well, such as beans, seaweed, etc. However, they also go on to explain that milk will always be the best source though since it’s the easiest route of getting calcium into your system in a jiffy. For example, you have to chew on 10 whole cups of spinach to get the calcium one can obtain from 1 glass of cow’s milk!

7. It Maintains One’s Muscle Mass


Since milk possesses the ideal carbs to protein ratio, it is extremely good at building strong muscles, which make it a perfect post-workout meal for active individuals looking to make those #gainz! The secret, according to experts, lies in the abundance of branched chain amino acids that milk possesses – these play a very specific role in the growth and maintenance of muscle (3).

Additionally, the specific type of protein that is found in milk is extremely vital for muscle recovery and strength training as well. Experts say that the source of animal derived protein that milk possesses is more easily absorbed by our bodies, which can aid women in building and maintaining lean muscle in the long run.

So, after reading these facts about how daily milk consumption impacts our body, where do you stand on the milk debate? Is it good or bad for us? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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