What Will Happen To Your Body If You Start Eating Oats Every Day

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Have you watched the movie Ratatouille? In that movie, there’s a term called the Ratatouille moment. For those of you who aren’t aware, it’s a moment when a food critic tastes the dish Ratatouille and as soon as the fork hits his lips, the critic gets transported to his childhood days where he’s sitting at his mother’s kitchen table and is filling himself with the comfort dish which is bursting with flavors and yes, of course, pure mother’s love.

So, when you look at healthy food, do you feel like you can have a Ratatouille moment? Definitely not is what might ring in your head. But, hey, look around you now; the world of healthy food is changing. Healthy foods are being recreated in the yummiest ways now. Earlier when someone said oats, people used to simply nod a no to it. But now, the very same oats have become the staple of many houses. Oats idli, oats upma, oats dosa, oats pulao, overnight oats, oats pudding — there’s so many yummy options to choose from now.

theres so many yummy options to choose from now.
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Oats is one such superfood that even the doctors and nutritionists worldwide recommend eating every single day (1). But, what is it that makes oats so great? What happens to our body when you eat it every day? Read on further to find your answers.

1. It Makes Your Skin Healthier

It Makes Your Skin Healthier
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Oatmeal is considered to be very ideal when it comes to treating any inflammatory conditions like irritation or eczema, and it also backs the health of our skin (2). This amazing property of oats stems from the presence of various vitamins in its composition. The presence of zinc in oats helps in cleansing and removing harmful toxins from the skin. The iron present in oats is very much required to maintain the saturation and nutrition of moisture in the skin cells. The presence of manganese removes any kind of skin inflammation and also helps in quicker healing of the skin after bruises, burns, wounds, etc.

2. It Provides More Protein To Your Muscles

It Provides More Protein To Your Muscles
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Did you know that just one serving, i.e. 8 tablespoons of oats will provide you with nearly 15% of your daily protein intake? Oh, and don’t forget about all of those antioxidants, vitamin E, and glutamine which are all a family of major contributors towards regenerating the muscle fibers (3). They help build muscles faster when compared to other superfoods.

3. It Will Pump You With Energy

It Will Pump You With Energy
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We’ve all faced it, haven’t we? The problem of feeling lethargic or sleepy right after having our breakfast? To solve this, we recommend that you start having oats for breakfast. Oats are rich in carbohydrates and also provide our body with more energy (4). Many nutritionists recommend having oats in a slightly dry manner as eating oats in a dry preparation will leave you satisfied for a longer time. This will avoid any need of eating in between meals or overeating.

4. It Will Help You Lose Weight

It Will Help You Lose Weight
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Our metabolism increases if we consume oats every day; this, in turn, accelerates weight loss. The property of slow carbohydrates in oatmeal helps us to regulate our appetite, it keeps anxiety attacks at bay, and also helps in maintaining normal blood sugar levels (5). It just doesn’t help in increasing metabolism, it also prevents the accumulation of toxins and fat in our body, thereby preventing us from overeating.

5. It Helps Decrease The Cholesterol Levels In Body

It Helps Decrease The Cholesterol Levels In Body
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A fiber called beta-glucan is present in oats which helps lower the cholesterol levels in our body. The presence of soluble fiber and linoleic acid in oatmeal helps in lowering the levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol in our blood (6). These nutrients clean the fat present in the inside walls of our body (especially the arteries) and protect against the development of serious health conditions like cardiac arrest, stroke, and atherosclerosis.

6. It Protects You From Digestive Problems

It Protects You From Digestive Problems
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When you ask any of the health experts out there as to what is good for improving digestion, their answer would be fiber! Consuming anywhere around 25-35 grams of fiber every single day helps in better digestion of all the foods that we consume (7). And if you eat a considerable small portion of oats, it contains at least 1/5th of your daily fiber intake. You don’t have to eat oats alone for this. Combine it with fruits or vegetables and make your meal even more nutritious. And create a good digestive pattern for your body.

All of the above-mentioned reasons make oats an ideal everyday food choice for us humans. You can combine oats as an added ingredient in your everyday meal preparation and reap the benefits. You don’t always have to look up for oats specific recipes and follow them. So, do you eat oats every day? Or who knows you might end up eating more of it after reading its benefits.

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