What Happens When You Replace All Drinks with Water

By Reshmi AR

Water is vital to all living beings. The human adult body is composed of about 60% of this elixir of life. While the water composition in the brain and the heart is 73%, the lungs contain about 83%, according to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry. Yes, this is no news to you, and if your response is, “Tell me something new,” I do have something interesting things to share with you today.

But, before we get to that, I want to ask you a quick question. Are you one of those addicted to aerated drinks? How many do you consume in a week? Did you know a can of coke contains 11 grams of sugar, which is approximately equivalent to having several whole sugar cubes? Oops! Never realized it, did you? While all your life you had been watching what you ate, you failed to realize you were actually drinking up calories. So, the bottom line is giving up sodas is a sure shot way to lose weight.

That’s not it. I have more to tell you. Water is the best beverage and offers plenty of health benefits, which I am soon going to share with you. By the end of this article, you will be ready to substitute your aerated drinks with water. Here’s why…

1. Lose Weight

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First things first. In an age of sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits, with little time to take care of ourselves, most of us fall prey to weight issues. And who knows better than you how difficult it is to lose weight? It involves a lot of hard work, doesn’t it? Deprivation to the extent of occasional starving, intense workouts to burn calories… the list is endless. Yet, after all these sacrifices, the stubborn fat just refuses to budge or melt away. Sounds familiar? Well, I can suggest an easy way to lose weight. Guessed it already? Yes, water it is!

The universal advice given by every nutrition expert to those wanting to lose weight is to drink gallons of water. Did you know that the number of calories you lose after jogging 8 km a day equals drinking just water for 9 days? What more can you ask for? Isn’t this a simple solution to your weight loss woes? Remember, water aids quick weight loss.

2. Increases Metabolic Rate

Those who love to keep themselves fit as a fiddle are familiar with the word ‘metabolism’. If your metabolic rate is high, your energy levels are up too. Drinking water can up your metabolic rate by 30%, as per a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (1). The effect is immediate, and is maximum 30-40 minutes after drinking water. Thanks to this liquid, your body’s ability to burn fat gets a boost. German researchers found that having six cups of water a day can increase the resting metabolism by about 50 calories daily. Follow this, and you can easily lose up to 10 kgs in a year.

3. Brain Tonic

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With so much of chaos around and the kind of foods we gorge on, our brain cells are prone to early damage. If you want to keep them ticking, make sure you gulp down enough water. As I said earlier, our brain has over 80% water, so fuelling it will keep it in form. Research has shown that dehydration can impede your ability to think (2). So, drink water aplenty to boost your brain’s cognitive function.

3. Prevents Binge Eating

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Drinking a glass or two of water a few minutes before your meals can make your stomach feel full. This can naturally curb your cravings to have more and keep your weight under check.

5. Toxin-Free Body

Water is the best way to flush out all those harmful substances (toxins) from your body. It speeds up your body’s rate of excretion.

6. Lowers Health Risks

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This magic drink is the answer to all your health woes. When you have the urge to reach out for a can of soda, have water instead. You could make it interesting and tasty by squeezing in a lime and adding a spoon of honey. Water can reduce the risk of many diseases like bladder infections and even bowel cancer. What’s more? According to a study published in the Journal of Neurology, the intake of water was found to reduce the intensity of migraine pain. Also, 5 glasses of water a day can lower the risk of heart attack by 41%.

7. Clear Complexion

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 If you are one of those battling skin issues for long, this could be your miracle cure. Try increasing your water intake, and you will find your skin turning visibly clearer.

 8. Save Money

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Yes, this should be the least of your concerns considering the spending pattern. But give it a thought – water costs much lesser than the other aerated drinks you fancy. Besides, it also makes you healthy. So, why not make the right choice?

Now you know why water is a much better choice than all those aerated drinks. Do you know of any other benefits of water? Leave your comments in the box below. We would love to share them with our readers. Stay healthy!

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