What Happens When You Stop Using Water To Cleanse Your Face?

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Clean your face without water? Yes, we know how that sounds; no, we are not kidding. As a child, you must have followed a strict routine of cleansing your face twice a day with cold water. As you grew up, you started experimenting with face washes of all kinds. But if that was the path to clear skin, everyone would have glowing spotless skin by now. The problem is not always the cleanser but the water. Tap water might not be as good for your skin as you think. So, is it possible to cleanse your face without water? As it turns out, it is. Also, it keeps your skin looking healthier. Here in this article, we have discussed why more and more dermatologists abstain from the use of water on the skin and how it is more beneficial for your skincare.

Over Cleansing Can Disrupt Your Skin’s pH Levels

Over Cleansing Can Disrupt Your Skin's pH Levels
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Clear and flawless skin is everyone’s dream, but achieving it is never  easy. No one skin care routine works for all, and finding what products your skin needs is a long process of trial and error. But the good part is that not all skin care routines include a myriad of products. In fact, the less, the better.

Most skin cleaning products also eradicate good bacteria and ravage the skin’s pH levels. So if you have been washing your face twice a day, start skipping the morning wash, and cleanse your makeup and sunscreen with the help of an oil-based cleanser in the evening.

Tap Water Might Harm Your Skin

Tap Water Might Harm Your Skin
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Sink water is probably why your acne will return to say hi every now and then. If you have been traveling a lot, you must have seen that your skin reacts differently to the kind of water you use on your face. It even alters your complexion to some extent. The quality of water depends on the place; if the water has a lot of minerals, it will only leave your skin irritated and dry.

How To Eradicate Water From Your Skin Care Routine

How To Eradicate Water From Your Skin Care Routine
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Washing your face without water sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But we are not talking about mere washing, but proper cleansing. In fact, simply splashing water on your skin does not always do the work of cleaning your pores and pulling out the dirt, hence the blackheads and skin bumps. You can choose the cleaner of your choice depending on your skin type, and once you are comfortable with it, you won’t need to rely on water to cleanse your face.

Once you stop using water on your face, you will realize that your face no longer gets greasy. The more you use face wash to cleanse your face, the more your skin produces oils to balance the dry skin. Make sure you switch to one cleanser only and not experiment with various kinds in a day, as that might trigger your skin to fluctuate the oil secretion and cause acne.

Day 1:

Your morning skin care routine will feel different since you did not splash water on your face before sleeping as you usually did before calling it a night. But since you used the cleanser of your choice and put a toner before going to bed, your skin will be free from pore blocks and won’t feel bumpy or greasy. But just because you are not using water on your face does not mean you can sleep with makeup. No matter how natural or skin-friendly your makeup is, it will clog pores and cause skin problems.

Day 2:

If you expect to see a miracle the next day, you are in for some disappointment. Patience girl! All you need to do is apply light makeup as you would and go about your day. Surprisingly, you would expect your skin to get oily without washing, but the results are the opposite. This is because the skin tries to balance the natural oil secretions on its own.

Day 3:

Tap Water Might Harm Your Skin
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The shift of your skin from oily to dry will continue through the day, but the significant difference is that your blackheads and pimples will disappear completely. Even though the acne marks will take longer to fade, if you stay on the waterless skin care regime, it will surely bring satisfying results soon.

Waterless cleaning is not just an experiment for days or weeks; you continue it for months. However, once you cross the 30 days mark, you will see that your skin not only survived the experiment but also looks gorgeous.

Water might be the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to cleansing, but you also have to consider the pH level of the water and how clean it is. For example, hard water can further clog your pores and give way to rashes. Thankfully now you know how to maintain a good skin care routine without using water. All you need to do is get a cleanser that suits your skin type and then make sure you go to bed with a clean and moisturized face. So, would you try this water-free skin care routine? Share your views about it in the comments section!

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