Colors For Your Skin Tone: Find Out What Looks Best On You

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One of the most important factors that can make or break any look is the color of your outfit. All the other fashion rules that you’ve learned can take a back seat. The fact is, if you mess up the color of your outfit, nothing else will matter. No matter how you accessorize it, or how you have structured your outfit, if its color doesn’t work for you, it will never get you the “wow” factor that you’ve been looking for.

Have you ever bought yourself an outfit that looked amazing on someone else, only to find it looking rather drab on you? Well, the fault is not yours. More often than not, it happens because the color of the outfit doesn’t suit your skin tone. But, how do we find the shades that suit our skin tone? Don’t worry, it’s not that intimidating a task as it looks. Here’s your handy guide to finding your perfect shade.

First Identify The Undertones Of Your skin

Your skin
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It so happens that the descriptor “fair-skinned” or “dark-skinned” isn’t enough to select the perfect shade for someone. You need more information than that. The complexion of our skin is composed of a number of tints and hues, and it’s these tints that actually convey what colors look good on us. These are called undertones. You must’ve heard people referring to themselves as having a warm or cool complexion. Don’t be puzzled by that, they are actually referring to the undertones of their skin.

If we are looking at the surface of our skin, it comes in varied shades such as ivory, tan, or wheatish. When it comes to undertones, we have three — cool, warm, and neutral. In order to find out which undertone you possess, you have to conduct a small test. Observe the color of the veins that lay on the inner side of your wrist. If they are bluish in color, then you have cool undertones. If you find that your wrists are green in color, then you have warm undertones. In case, it’s a combination of the two, then you have neutral undertones.

You can also determine your undertones by noticing how your skin reacts to the sun. If you tend to get sunburnt easily, or if you are left with angry red patches on your skin after you’ve spent some time in the sun, you have cool undertones. However, if you tend to tan easily then you have warm undertones. Now that you’ve identified your undertones, you should also know why they are important.

When you wear a shade that doesn’t complement the undertones of your skin, you run the risk of looking washed out or ashy. In case, the shade that you’ve chosen for yourself is too bright for the undertones in your skin, it might make you look garish. However, a shade that pairs well with the undertones will give you a glowing complexion.

1. The Perfect Shades For Cool Undertones

The Perfect Shades For Cool Undertones
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For all those people who fall under this category, your bold blue undertones go great with the colors of the ocean, i.e white, royal blue, navy, grey, and yes, even black. You can even go for purples, pinks, and lilacs. In fact, you are among the chosen few who can pull off metallic silver and pure white with equal panache and grace.

Shades That Don’t Work:

You need to steer clear of shades such as tomato reds or oranges, as they are going to wash you out. The red undertone in your complexion won’t give you the contrast that you actually need.

You’re In The Company Of These Celebs:

Congrats! You are in the august company of Bollywood divas such as Kareena Kapoor Khan and Tamannah Bhatia.

2. The Perfect Shades For Warm Undertones

The Perfect Shades For Warm Undertones
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For all my warm-toned sisters out there, earthy shades are the best options. Rusty orange, auburn, olive green, sunshine yellow, and brown. In fact, they can even pull off colors like taupe and burgundy. Peaches, corals, and rose gold will make them glow.

Shades That Don’t Work:

People with warm undertones need to avoid wearing cool shades like grey, royal blue, and pure white as they are going to give them an ashy pallor.

You’re In The Company Of These Celebs:

You can bask in the company of glamazons like Chitrangada Singh and Priyanka Chopra!

3. The Perfect Shades For Neutral Undertones

The Perfect Shades For Neutral Undertones
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These are the blessed people who can have their wishful pick from the color palette. While they can go for pretty much anything, muted colors like cream and baby pink brighten their complexion.

Shades That Don’t Work:

Despite having the best of both worlds, you have to avoid a few colors like neon shades of royal blue, magenta as they won’t pair well with your balanced complexion.

You’re In The Company Of These Celebs:

You and the chirpy, girl-next-door, Alia Bhatt have this in common.

We hope we were able to help you in finding the perfect shade for you. Just remember to wear colors which helps to enhance your complexion by working with your undertones rather than counteracting them or being assimilated by them. This will ensure that you rock all your outfits like the fashionista we know you are!

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