Which Month’s Baby Are You? Every Month Tells A Different Story!

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If the celestial bodies can govern your life’s story, why can’t the month you’re born in do the same? This might be hard to believe for the skeptic, but trust me. Once you read the story your birth month has to tell about you, you’ll find yourself turning into a believer. It’s just that accurate!

Curious already?

Read on to know what the month you were born in has to say about you!

Child Of January

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Being born in the coldest month of the year has definitely influenced your personality. You barely ever like to show your emotions and take ample time to recover from an emotional injury. You are also quite stubborn but very down to earth too at the same time. The best part is that you’re very attractive and even enjoy dressing up! But you get bored easily as well.

Child Of February

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Although abstract thoughts occupy your mind, you still manage to stay grounded in reality. You’re very clever and also a little temperamental, though you rarely show that you’re angry. Honesty and loyalty are two dominant traits of yours. You also enjoy, value, and strive for freedom and rebellion when restricted. All in all, you have a very strong personality, one that is daring and ambitious.

Child Of March

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Your personality is magnetic! Shy and reserved of nature, you have an affectionate heart that is also very sympathetic and generous. You prefer peace although you’re easily angered. That said, kindness comes naturally to you, which is why people trust you. Bonus? You’re also a great kisser!

Child Of April

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Smooth as butter, you are suave and charming. You can impress anyone with your humor and wit, which is good for you since you’re very talkative. You manage to keep your calm in all kinds of situations and come across as extremely confident. You’re very detail-oriented, knowledgeable, love traveling, and are overall extremely fun to be around.

Child Of May

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Though hard-hearted on the surface, your feelings run deep. Very deep. Extremely ambitious as you are, you are always motivated enough to complete any task that’s thrown at you. Shy of nature, you’re still very attractive to those around as you’re beautiful in every way, be it mentally or physically. You are a lover of the arts and literature and have a restless spirit to boot.

Child Of June

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People just love being around you! You have such an outgoing personality, you make new friends everywhere you go. Interestingly, you are also quite the flirt and will, in all likelihood, end up with the kind of partner that everyone wants. One amusing thing about you is that not only do you have great choice in movies, but you may also end up being an actor yourself!

Child Of July

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You’re an enigma. You keep most of what you know and feel to yourself, which can make you very difficult to understand. Add to that the quiet nature of yours and you’re almost unfathomable! However, despite that, you’re pretty easy to approach and very friendly. You have a wit that shines through and wisdom, which you use to guide people in every way. You’re loving, caring, and strongly sympathetic. In fact, you form all your judgments very carefully and after thorough observation.

Child Of August

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An extrovert, you’re very loud and boisterous. You like getting attention and don’t have much self-control. Also, contradictions exist within you. For example, even though you are kind-hearted, you don’t shy away from taking revenge when the situation calls for it. You swear by ‘no pain, no gain’ and never stop yourself from dreaming.

Child Of September

You are quick in making decisions but the downside is you end up regretting them. Though you’re attractive in every way to people, you prefer solitude to socializing. You have very strong opinions and ideas, and are also emotional and even kind of stubborn. You have a brilliant memory and love to use it to your advantage by traveling and exploring as much as you can.

Child Of October

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Gossiping is something you just can’t resist! You possess both inner and outer beauty, and even though you indulge in the occasional white lie, you never fake it. You’re fearless and strong, never taking much time to recover from emotional pains. Unpredictable and smart, you always stand out in a crowd.

Child Of November

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Passion, trustworthiness, and loyalty are just a few of your qualities. You’re dynamic and mysterious and are the life of every party. People just can’t help but be drawn to you when you’re around. Your playful nature is shaped by a sense of secrecy, which makes you all the more appealing. You have a very emotional side too and a quick temper. When the going gets tough, you’re able to hold your own.

Child Of December

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Starting off, the best looking people are born in this month! What’s unique to you is your patriotism. You have a competitive spirit, but get impatient for results. You’re easy to talk to but very difficult to comprehend. Your mind is always bursting with ideas and you always want the best, which is what makes you choosy.

Every month brings with it a unique personality like none other. So, no matter which month you’ve been born in, you know that there’s only one version of you and that’s YOU.

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