10 Things Every Newly Married Couple Fights About

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You know, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies once you say, “I do.” And if you thought differently, well, aren’t you in for a surprise! All couples fight. And forget the myths about the “honeymoon period bliss,” you’ll find yourself at loggerheads even during those first few months of adapting to sharing your life (and most importantly) space with each other.

So, if you’d like a bit of a chuckle, do read on to discover the top 10 things every newlywed couple inevitably bickers about!

1. The “Wet Towel On Our Bed” Argument

The “geela towel” argument is a conflict as old as time. Without fail, your hubby will make sure to leave his soaking wet towel upon your crisp, clean sheets. Or on your settee. Or on the floor.

Are you sensing a pattern here?

Basically, he’ll leave it everywhere other than outside, where it should be left to dry. And this will get you worked up every single morning. Ugh.

2. The “Why Are You Taking So Long To Get Ready?” Argument

The “Why Are You Taking So Long To Get Ready” Argument
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To us, women, this question makes no sense at all. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

Which is why it’s just so infuriating, dang it!

Of course, we take time. We can’t just splash water and give our hair a few brushstrokes, and voilá! We’re sorted like the guys! Getting ready is an art, and no artist likes to be rushed – something that a new hubby takes time (who’re we kidding, years) to reconcile with. Ergo, you butt heads every time he gets in the way of your eyeliner routine. But then you make up during dinner!

3. The “AC Temperature” Argument

Probably not a debate our ancestors squabbled over, but definitely one that occurs in every modern-day newly married couple’s home – the AC temperature wars. Either you’re too cold and he’s too hot, or it’s vice versa. The fact is, thermoregulation incompatibility is a more serious issue than you’d think. And you’ll be surprised by how many times you two squabble like kids over the AC remote.

4. The “Why Are You Still Sleeping?” Argument

The “Why Are You Still Sleeping” Argument
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It would be extremely fortuitous if you and your hubby’s circadian rhythms are in sync. But it’s more probable that one of you is a veteran night owl, while the other is a disciplined early riser. And this can be upsetting at times because one of you will perpetually try to wake the other one up when they’ve barely had enough shut-eye. Which, of course, leads to fights.

5. The “I Want To Go Out Vs. I Want To Stay In” Argument

When you’ve just tied the knot, you’re usually flooded with invitations to dinners, parties, and all kinds of social engagements. And while these can be extremely enjoyable, they can also suck the life out of you after a few weeks. Plus, they get old real fast. And if you and your hubby happen to have opposite dispositions (introvert vs. extrovert), you will frequently find yourself butting heads over whether to go out or have a night in.

6. The “Lights Out!” Argument

The “Lights Out!” Argument
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Who gets to decide when it’s time to call “lights out”? And God forbid if your light switch isn’t located close to your bedrest, for who will leave the softy, comfy bed to shut the lights once it’s time? This is a disaster just waiting to happen. We don’t envy you!

7. The “What Movie Are We Watching?” Argument

Listen, hubbies. It’s time you reconcile with the fact that we like romcoms, chick flicks, and all those masala Bollywood films. And, yes, we do expect you to watch them with us! After all, aren’t we forever indulging you when you want to watch action flicks? If we learned to like Liam Neeson, then God help us, you will learn to tolerate Ryan Gosling!

8. The “Why Are You So Lazy?” Argument

The “Why Are You So Lazy” Argument
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This is another frequent argument in a newlywed’s household – the “you’re not doing household chores as much as I am” argument. And it’s inevitable, really, for no matter how hard working both partners are, one is bound to be a little lazier, which can make the other resentful on a bad day.

9. The “You’re A Blanket Hog!” Argument

Every couple has one “blanket hog” partner! And aren’t they just the worst? Each night, the more they tug, the more annoyed you get. Till, of course, you wake them up to give them an earful.

10. The “Pizza Again” Argument

The “Pizza Again” Argument
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Before you misunderstand us, we’ve got nothing against pizza. In fact, we love pizza, duh. But when you’re married, between the two of you, there’s always one partner who wants to eat the same meal day after day. Which isn’t fun at all. Ergo, fights ensue!

These were our top 10 arguments that every newlywed couple engages in. Did you happen to agree with our list? Do let us know in the comments below. Oh, and don’t forget to share this post with all your newly married friends!

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