The First Letter Of Your Name Can Give You A Clear Idea Of How You Are When It Comes To Love

By Tanya Arora

What’s in a name?

More than you think.

While you probably already know what your name means (Indian names are quite meaningful that way), what you probably don’t know is that even the first letter of your name is significant. Yes, the first letter of your name can give away a lot about you, specifically when it comes to love. So, what does the first letter of your name say? Find out below!


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Romance is just not your thing. You don’t like PDA (public display of affection) and would rather keep your private life to yourself.


You can’t be typecast as romantic per se, but you do enjoy sensual experiences. You’re the adventurous kind and like experiencing new things with or without your better half.


You’re a social butterfly and like to take your partner with you to all social events. You just like to spend that much time with them.


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You’re a stubborn partner. And even if you’re warned by your friends that what you’re doing with your partner is not right, you still wouldn’t budge.


You love talking so much that you do not even give your partner the chance to speak up and share their own experiences. You need to slow down a little and let them speak.


Falling in love takes you on a high, and the chase is the part you love the most. You’re quite the romantic daydreamer, which can make you oblivious to the reality of your partner.


You are the perfectionist of the two of you, and constantly end up looking for perfection in your partner too. This can be a pain at times as perfection may not always exist.


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Once you fall in love, you shower your partner with generosity. The only problem is that you expect your partner to be the same. You have a habit of reminding your better half of the things you’ve done for them.


You want more than just an ambitious significant other. You tend to rely on your partner to make decisions for you when you feel indecisive yourself.


You’re so romantic, and you love the concept of love so much that you want your bae to reciprocate your romanticism with sweet gestures. However, you’re still okay if your partner doesn’t take the initiative as you love to take the first step.


You’re bad at creating first impressions, and the reason for that is you’re an insecure person with unpleasant habits that come off strongly. But all that vanishes once your partner gets to know and discover the delight that you are.


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You firmly believein the power of love and sincerely believe it can move mountains! Your idealization of love can get you in trouble sometimes, although generally, it works out for the best.


Intensity and emotions are your middle name when it comes to love. You put a lot of effort into making your relationship work and constantly worry about your partner’s safety, health, and well-being.


You have a motherly and affectionate side to you, which shows in the way you take care of your one true love. You show your support by accompanying them on doctors’ visits and even enquire about their health by asking them about their meals.


A ‘detached lover’ is a title that suits you best. Even though you are in love, you still find it hard to take an interest in your partner’s activities and generally do not call to check up on them.


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You’re always looking for something new to do with your partner, and are quite the gift master, always managing to come up with the sweetest surprises. You love attracting every new person you meet.


Only an SO with a lot of physical energy can match up to you as you just love to go walking, jogging, cycling, etc. with them. You tend to get bored when your partner fails to match your pace. You need a partner who has as much wanderlust as you do.


You’re a sapiosexual and desire a partner with high intellect. You don’t pay much attention to physicality as long as your partner can turn your brain on.


You’re just the opposite of R and actively look for an attractive partner. You have this notion that others will judge you if your partner is not attractive enough.


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You’re a very sensitive and a very emotional partner, which can work both in your favor as well as against you. Sometimes, you may display a negative attitude towards your SO.


You’re the enthusiastic lover and enjoy pampering your partner by showering them with love. You’re also a lover of the simple pleasures of life.


Eccentricity turns you on! You’re not that comfortable with noisy partners and hence can’t show your intimate side.


Jealousy in love comes naturally to you. Even though you’re protective of your partner, that protection can turn into control when jealousy sets in.


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Playing games with your partner is an activity you enjoy to the fullest, from seduction games to more innocent pranks. You love to win these games, though.


You love listening to what your partner has to say about you. You like to be prepared and sit and talk and sort out issues with your partner maturely.


You’re the skeptic kind and don’t believe that soulmates exist. However, when you fall in love, you get hopeful but control it so that you don’t get disappointed.

So, what do you think? Do these descriptions match your personality? Let us know and make sure to share this with your partner!

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