Shape Of Your Navel Tells A Lot About Your Personality

When we talk about health, fitness or temperament, we consider so many factors that may imply the extent of our vigor and general well-being. Our heartbeat, pulse, eyes, color, and shape of the nails or the pallor of the face are some of the external variables that help us determine more about our constitution, physical and mental qualities. There is one more feature that may also be helpful in revealing more about ourselves.

You may be surprised to know that the belly button—the tiny, often ignored part of our bodies is also an indicator of what we may be from within and on the outside. It is also an essential energy point or chakra and point of healing as per many orthodox as well as alternate systems of medicine. Though it has largely been a symbol of body aesthetics with an erotic appeal, it is also a part whose difference or rather uniqueness holds the key to many subtle and obvious differences that we may find between people and their personalities. It holds many interesting dimensions as per scientific and cultural contexts (1).

So, what do the different navels mean for different people? Let us read further and find out more about it.

1. The Bulged Button

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The bulging button is quite common in babies, which they eventually outgrow. In case you think that your navel button may be a bit more outwardly compared to others, it might indicate that you are still youthful and childish at heart. You also love to be the center of attention and carry a streak of stubbornness. People who belong to this category are often good team players and keen athletes.

From the health point of view, the bulge could also be a result of lifting something heavy, which might cause complications like a hernia.

2. The Shallow Button

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The ones with a shallow button are generally bold and strong, who like to be competitive and ambitious. Being highly perfectionists, they like things to be under their control and therefore may show some anxiety if they aren’t performing up to their expectations.

On the health front, you might suffer from weight issues and can be susceptible to flu viruses.

3. The Oval Belly Button

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In case you possess a belly button that is a shapely oval, deep and wide, you could be a born leader. You have a natural niche for being a great guide. A vocation that will be greatly fulfilling and satisfactory to you is the one that requires you to mentor others, like teaching, doing some kind of social work, involving in counseling work or therapy related jobs. You are not someone who craves for attention, and you are only too happy to help and guide others towards excelling themselves. You might appear a bit dominating or bossy, but that has to do with your dedication towards your commitment.

On the flip side, you are also considered an over-thinker, even showing a neurotic side when stressed out. Plus, it can also cause problems like a migraine and sore muscles. You need to be more careful regarding your bone health.

4. The Hour-glass Belly Button

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Having a long belly button that lies vertically on your stomach makes you a very charming personality. Since you are a great talker, you can easily influence people with your power of words. The work that suits you most would involve the fields of journalism, sales or performing arts.

However, you also have a tendency to have conflicts within yourself and may require some period of solitude, where you gain a certain clarity and perspective to steer yourself.

5. The Circular Or Round Belly Button

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A belly button that is a deep round indicates a very warm and positive temperament. You like peace and harmony, and detest anything that may cause you stress and anxiety. You are also very amiable. Your grounded nature makes you very likable and you also have a spiritual side to yourself. When you find that things are going too fast for your liking, you like to withdraw, rather than joining the rat race. Others may consider it your weakness but you take your time to pause, contemplate and take things slow and steady. You are generally well off when it comes to money matters.

6. The Bow-Tie Shaped Belly Button

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If the belly-button is horizontally oval, having a little pinch at the center, you can be called those intellectual kinds. You are good at academics and often found lost in day-dreaming. You are an introvert and like to mingle in your closed circle. That is why there are very few people who will take the pain to understand you and your ways.

7. A Small And Flat Belly Button

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If you have a belly button that is small and flat, it goes to show that you have a creative bend of mind. You excel in fields related to arts and aesthetics. However, there are struggles, which you might have to face to choose the path that is best for you. And you shouldn’t be afraid to flow against the tide, because it is worth the wait to find your calling, and settle for it.

8. Belly -Button Pointing Upwards

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You are people’s person and gel with everyone. Because of your skills, you remain a popular choice and are quite successful in life. This kind of belly button is often considered the ideal.

But you need to be mindful of skin problems that may be a botheration. There might also be some chances of kidney disorders.

9. Belly-Button Pointing Downwards

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If your belly button points downwards wide, then you are someone who needs to stock up on some positive energy. You may often feel de-motivated and lack enthusiasm for smallest of endeavors. Having an optimistic view towards things may prove better for you.

You also show some tendency towards catching flu and cold, that you need to be careful about.

These were some of the interpretations regarding the shape and size of belly buttons that people carry. Of course, this is no exact or accurate scientific explanation, yet it can be fun to read them and match the characteristics with our general personality traits.

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