Find Out What The Shape Of Your Toes Tell About Your Personality

Sometimes the very things about ourselves we don’t pay much attention to speak volumes about who we are.

While you have definitely heard that the lines on your hands and the moles on your body can reveal crucial information about the kind of person you are and what your destiny has in store for you; we can bet you never knew that your toes have a lot to say about you as well!

The shape of your humble toes (you can also refer to it as the shape of your feet) holds some very interesting insight into your personality that you might not even be aware of!

So, take a second look at your toes as the following shapes have different personality secrets to reveal!

1. The Egyptian Toes

This toe shape type is the commonest one out there. Characterized by a lengthy big toe with the other toes aligned at a 45 degree angle, people who have this kind of toe shape are creative and often think of new ideas. Since their mind is always bubbling with thoughts, they can find it hard to focus. Moreover, they enjoy being pampered to a great degree and there’s something royal about them. Their USP is that they’re quite friendly and can even get along with difficult people.

2. The Roman Toes

If your big toe along with the two toes beside it are of the same size, with the other two toes tapering in order, you have the Roman foot. A rare type, if you have this shape, you were born to be a leader. Your personality is quite exciting and dynamic, and you’re very talented. You also have an outgoing and adventure-loving nature. And you may not know this but quite a few people depend on you.

3. The Greek Toes

Is your second toe longer than your big toe? Then you have Greek toes, which is also known as the ‘Fire’ or ‘Flame foot’! Your personality is slightly difficult to deal with for others and you place a lot of importance on your value system. That said, you’re very mature and never stop yourself from appreciating what’s important. One thing that’s interesting about you is that you’re very sporty and energetic and that despite your maturity, you can be impulsive at times.

4. The Peasant Toes

The highlight of the peasant toe shape is that almost all the toes on your feet are of exactly the same length, although your big toe might be ever so slightly longer! What it says about you is that you are a good counsellor, one who always patiently listens to what people have to say – especially the problems of your loved ones. You place personal relationships above money and material things. You love love more than anything else! Besides that, you are also thoughtful and honest.

5. The Celtic Toes

The Celtic foot shape is quite similar to the Greek shape. The difference is that in the Greek foot, the toes after the second toe taper angularly, but in the Celtic foot, they take on a square-ish appearance. If you have toes like Celtics do, you are charming, adventurous, and are grateful for everything you have. You always tend to focus on the good side of things rather than the negativity of them. Your positivity has a ripple effect as you’re trying to help people all around you.

6. Extremely Small Toe

Alike in appearance to the Egyptian toe, in this foot shape the small toe is, well, extremely small. If you possess this toe shape, you have an open personality. However, there is a particular part of you that you choose to keep hidden, guarding it with a sort of fierceness. This secret aspect can be either a personal issue or a topic you just never want to discuss. Especially if you have a choice not to discuss.

7. Toes With Wide Gaps

Wide-set toes, or what are commonly referred to as traveler’s feet, are exactly what the name suggests. This shape is characterized by wide gaps between each toe, which means your toes are basically spread apart. Having this type of foot means that you possess intense wanderlust and are always craving for new experiences and adventures. Whenever you’re traveling is when you’re happiest!

8. Stretched Toes

In this foot shape, your big toe is positioned far apart from the rest of your toes, which form a close-knit cluster. If you have this, you are fiercely independent and don’t need anyone to help you out with anything. You can’t stand confinement and feel happy only when outside or in open spaces. Arguing is your thing for you love yourself a good argument!

Did your results match up to who you are? We tried it out and ours sure did! It’s truly amazing how much your toes can say about you!

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