The Way You Fold Your Hands Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

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This isn’t armchair psychology when we tell you that your body language is a window to your personality and the kind of person you are. It’s actually backed up by plenty of research (1), (2).

Psychologists study the non-verbal cues your body sends out all the time to assess who you are and why you are the way you are.

Sounds confusing?

To put it simply, the way you carry yourself and the actions you implement can reveal your true intentions, even when your words say otherwise. In fact, more than revealing your real intentions, they can also point out the deeper truths about your personality, which you might not be aware of yourself!

For example, did you know the way you hold your glass can reveal whether you are kind of flirty or fun (3)? Plus, there always your handwriting, which can also reveal whether you’re pessimistic or hopeful, logical or emotional (4).

There’s no dearth of such research out there! However, besides offering a glimpse into your personality, your body language can also influence your interpersonal communications and can even help you win or lose life’s countless battles!

Out of all the different body movements you make every day, one of the commonest ones is the action of folding your hands. Mostly done when you’re thinking or having a serious conversation with someone, the way you fold your hands – right hand over left or vice versa – can also say something significant about you and the kind of personality you possess.

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So, if you want to know what the way you fold your hand has to say about your personality, read on and you’ll find out something about yourself you didn’t know!

1. Folding The Right Hand Over The Left One

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Since the majority of the people are right-handed, most of them have the tendency to fold their right hand above the left one. Even though science doesn’t know why this right-hand preference prevails, what we do know is that people who do this are awesome! And if you happen to come across someone who does that, you are lucky because these people are of the best kind.

Generally, people who fold their right hand above the left have a heart of gold. Before they make any decisions or come to any conclusions, they think of the greater good of everybody rather than focusing on their selfish reasons. They are very friendly, extroverted, in fact, and make new friends easily wherever they go. The best part is, you can open your heart out to them and not be afraid as they listen patiently and are excellent counsellors. They won’t judge you even if you tell them the silliest of things! They are also amazing friends and will be there for you in both good times and bad times.

However, things are not all rainbows and butterflies with people who keep their right hand above the left. They are often very vulnerable and are most likely to fall into tricks and traps because of their gentle and giving nature. The thing is that they are extremely simple, something that many take for granted and others take advantage of. What they need to do is listen to their minds too rather than just their hearts, so that they can prevent themselves from getting into a pickle.

2. Folding The Left Hand Over The Right One

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A rare breed as they are, people who keep their left hand over their right ones belong to the category of legends and icons. They are private individuals though and mostly like to keep to themselves. You can almost refer to them as introverts, despite their fame. However, don’t mistake their introversion for boring personalities. They are quite the opposite! They love having fun more than you can imagine; it’s just that they like to do that with people they know well. Plus, their idea of having fun is also kind of limited to staying within their own comfort zone, so don’t expect them to do anything wild or crazy. Extremely honest at all times, they also have a keenly observing eye – one that misses no details. So, if something is amiss or wrong, they’d be the first ones to notice it. They are brilliant at problem-solving and have a very creative and artistic mind, making them perfect for creative jobs.

However, sometimes they run the risk of coming across as arrogant to those who don’t know them intimately. This is why they should try opening up more so that people do not form such preconceived notions about them. Moreover, they are the workaholic type and may place their work above their family at times. This is something they need to remedy so that they can maintain excellence in both personal and professional spheres.

So, how do you fold your hands? The right one above the left or the other way around? And what about your friends and family? Share this post with them so that they too can get a glimpse into their own personality!

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