7 Actions That Are Best Avoided When Fighting With A Loved One

by Chandrama Deshmukh

Couples fight even if they are madly in love. In a relationship, even if it’s an extremely strong one, a fight is something that you cannot escape at some point in time. In fact, it is healthy to have differences and arguments for a relationship to grow.

However, while in a fight with your partner, most of the times it is difficult to think straight and make sense of the situation with a cool mind. But it is essential that you take care not to cut through your partner’s heart with spiteful and strong words that leave an unhealable scar. So, you must consciously try and follow some basic rules when you fight with a loved one.

You will realize that the following rules will help both you and your partner get over a fight and reconcile in no time!

7. Including Your Family In The Fight Is A Complete No-No


However bad the fight is, never ever include your family in the fight. Calling your family and criticizing your partner might only aggravate the situation. Most often, partners forgive each other and move on, but your family will remember the misdoings of your partner and the next time you get into a fight they might intervene and dig up old misunderstandings, making the fight worse instead of helping. So, it is best to resolve the difference between the two of you rather than including someone else in your fight.

6. Never Resort To Physical Violence

At times, the situation can be so frustrating that you might be tempted to punch your partner. At such times, the best thing you can do is to take deep breaths and try to reason out because physical violence will definitely take a little confidence away from the relationship. The trust you have in each other will falter.

To ease out the fight, maybe you can change the topic and go out for dinner and later talk it out on a long walk back home.

5. Do Not Bring Up Past Misunderstandings In Your Current Fight


Sometimes, couples like to keep a track of prior fights and accusations. This is not an agreeable thing to do. Past mistakes must not become part of your current fight. If you are angry with your partner because he forgot to get the right brand of juice for you, then let the fight be only about this. Digging up past unpleasantness and fights can only make matters worse. It is best to let bygones be bygones.

4. Talking About Separation Creates A Further Rift

Talking about separation in every fight can be stressful and insulting for your partner. You are together for a reason and the reason is love. So, it is always best to refrain from using the word ‘divorce.’ There are many other ways to let your partner know that you are feeling stifled in the relationship because of something he is doing. A calm and composed talk can resolve a lot of issues instead of threatening your partner with a divorce.

3. Never Abandon Your Partner Halfway Through The Fight


Running away from a fight will only deteriorate the situation. The worst thing you can do is to leave your partner, slam the door, and walk out on her. This will only make your partner feel insulted, fueling his or her anger further. Besides, this will put you in a poor light, confirming that you are immature and cannot handle the relationship right. If you are too angry and the arguments are not making sense, tell your partner that you need some alone time to sort this out in your head.

2. Make Up Before Calling It A Day

After a fight, it is very tempting and easy to pick up your pillow and go to the next room to sleep. But this will only elongate the fight. You will sleep angry and wake up angry and miserable the next morning.

Following the routine of sleeping in the same bed can help you kiss and make up before you fall asleep. Or maybe somewhere in the middle of the night. So, never go to sleep on separate beds after a heated argument. Always try and end your day together on the same bed.

1. Never Go For A Public Spat


One thumb rule of keeping the relationship strong is to never start an argument in public. Your fight is between the two of you, people around you or strangers need not be privy to your personal quarrels and fallouts. Also, being civil in public reflects that you respect each other’s space and respect each other as well. So, it is best to fight it out and resolve your differences away from the judging eyes of people, in the privacy of your own home.

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