What Your Birth Month Says About Your Personality

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Human nature is complicated. We are someone else at home and someone else outside. We don various personalities as we walk out and meet different people through the day. People around us in every wake of life tend to either compliment us or put us down with their harsh words. And sometimes, we sit and wonder who we really are.

It is always interesting as well as reassuring to know the strong points in our personality. So, here is an interesting read about our personality according to the month we were born in!

1. January

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You are smart, strong, patient, ambitious, and hardworking. Be it a project at work or a party at home, you are meticulously organized and neat. People often catch you deep in thoughts and you are mostly quiet unless it’s very necessary for you to talk. You carefully observe what is happening around you and have the ability to make people happy.

Nevertheless, you also have that honest streak in you which makes you speak your mind, even though it involves pointing out another’s flaw. Your love for children is no secret. You can spend hours playing and taking care of them. You can be extremely hard-hearted and stubborn when it comes to making decisions of your choice.

2. February

Born in this month, you are intelligent and sexy. You have an eccentric personality – painfully honest, fiercely independent, yet humble and quiet. This gives you a mysterious personality that is so attractive and desirable. Friends love you for your loyalty, compassion, and truthfulness. You love sitting by yourself and dreaming or thinking about something abstract, almost philosophical. Leisure is your second name.

You are a hard-core romantic within, very emotional and sensitive, but on the surface, you are calm and composed and slow to anger. Most often you have difficulty in expressing your feelings.

3. March

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You are serene and peaceful by nature. You have a huge and generous heart, and love to serve others. Optimism and determination are in your blood. People who know you can vouch for your dependability and trustworthiness. You are very reserved and shy, but you also love attention. People born in this month are talented and have a musical inclination, so try picking out an instrument to learn and play as you will excel at it.

On the flip side, you can be secretive and moody sometimes, which tends to confuse people around you.

4. April

People born in the month of April exude energy and dynamism. You embody everything positive in life and are affectionate, caring, strong, friendly, and most of all active. At the drop of a hat, you pick up your adventurous gear and set out for the unknown. You are quite fearless and aggressive that way. Enthusiasm oozes out of you and you love the fast life. You like to take the lead and you passionately take any work to the finish line.

That being said, you do not have the patience to wait and think, which sometimes leads to hasty decisions and brings in this small bout of regret. However, you do not take time to come out of it.

5. May

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if you’re born in this month, you are level-headed, responsible, and practical. You have a strong and dominating personality, with a definite point of view in almost all conversations. Your friends look up to you for your sharp thoughts, stability, and amazing imagination. You love creativity and beauty, and you are a hardcore romantic at heart. Simple joys of life make you happy and you could spend your whole day cooking, gardening, listening to music or creating some art. You love the outdoors and like to be close to nature.

You can also be stubborn, hard-hearted, and uncompromising at times.

6. June

You are a social being who absolutely does not like being alone and often feels incomplete. Hence, you are always seeking new friends and looking up new places to see and experience. Apart from listening to music and reading ardently, you constantly need excitement and passion in life. Your adaptable nature gives you the flair to communicate, learn swiftly, and write well.

You are fun-loving and witty, and your friends love you for this. However, you can quickly change from being fun to being serious and thoughtful, causing you to exhibit two different personalities at times. Your friends are never sure which one of you they will see.

7. July

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You are intensely emotional and sensitive. You are deeply loyal, attached to your loved ones, and will give anything up to spend quality time with your family and friends. You like to keep your emotions and personal life a secret, making it difficult for people around you to understand you.

Your emotional quotient sometimes overshadows your thought process leading you to become pessimistic, moody, and insecure.

8. August

Always cheerful, warmhearted, and humorous –  these are the words that describe you best! You are confident, dominant, and a born leader. You have a magnetic personality and love the attention you draw with ease. You have a passion for theatre, love going on elaborate holidays, and love all things nice and shiny. People envy your joie de vivre and your ability to have a good time easily.

Sometimes your cheerfulness is clouded by your arrogance and stubbornness to adjust and settle for the lesser good.

9. September

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You have a very practical outlook towards life. You don’t like to leave anything to chance and like to carefully plan everything to the slightest detail. You often find yourself reasoning with yourself about your own feelings. You prefer the conservative way of life and like it when things are well-planned and well-organized. You love animals and nature and can spend hours outdoors.

Your love for perfection tends to make you overly critical of yourself and your surroundings, which leads to unnecessary anxiety and heartache.

10. October

Born in this considerably pleasant month, you are peaceful, calm, and graceful by nature. Having a partner in life is a necessity for you as you absolutely detest being alone. You seek justice, balance, and equality in life, and are committed to peace and harmony. Additionally, a good book and an intelligent conversation stimulate your intellect.

You are also most often indecisive. Your peace-loving nature often makes you avoid an argument, which results in you holding a grudge in your heart that is unhealthy.

11. November

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Those born in November are known for their passion and determination. You often find yourself in the midst of an argument, making your point assertively. You are resourceful, have a hunger for truth, and spend hours together researching and finding facts about things that interest you. You are also a born leader and lead with passion. Furthermore, you make friends easily.

You despise dishonesty and you can be painfully jealous, suspicious, and secretive. You need to learn to be more flexible and accept and adapt to different human natures.

12. December

You are known for your great sense of humor.  You are an extrovert, have an open mind, and welcome constant change in life. You are free-spirited and love the open. Nothing excites you more than an unplanned travel, so you often find yourself packing your bag and going off on your own to tour the world.

On the downside, you are painfully honest and tactless, which often puts you in an awkward situation. More often than not, you promise more than you can deliver.

So, did you agree with your birth-month-personality assessment? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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