This Is What Your Blood Type Says About Your Personality!

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There is no study available to prove whether or not there is any correlation between a person’s blood type and their personality. However, several societies across the globe feel that the blood type plays an important role in a person’s life (apart from who they can donate blood to and who they can accept blood from).

For instance, in Japan, magazines publish blood type horoscopes to let people know how well they will fare throughout the day, week, or month. Furthermore, people often need to mention their blood type in the job interview process. This helps companies get a clearer picture as to who would prove to be a better fit for the job.

Maybe it is time people replace star signs with blood types to find a better match for themselves! Below are brief descriptions on how each blood type affects a person’s personality. Use this article the next time you are on a date to know how well you can get along with each other.

Type A (+, -)

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One of the more common types among the world’s population, people with type A blood are known to be sensitive and cooperative. These people are recognized for their smartness and are passionate perfectionists. They find it extremely important to make others feel comfortable around them, which usually causes them to hide their real feelings from people. This is what gives the people around them the impression that they are withdrawn and shy. People with A blood type are known to be successful and do anything to chase success in their lives. This is why it is really hard for such people to sleep at night because of all the stress on their minds to be better than what they are.

Type B (+, -)

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People with type B blood are known to be well-balanced. These people are thought to be the most practical kind of people there are in the world. They are known for their leadership qualities and display a great deal of ambition. At the same time, these people are known for their thoughtfulness and sensitivity towards others. Such people love taking up new projects only after they have understood all the aspects and risks related to the project. It can sometimes seem difficult to cooperate with such people because they tend to be individualists and follow their personal goals and ambitions. People with type B blood are known to focus on achieving their goals that might make them tunnel visioned sometimes. Type Bs can come across as cold people because they tend to think more with their brains than with their hearts.

Type AB (+, -)

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Although they are the least common blood type, everyone cherishes them. This is because people with AB blood type display characteristics from both A and B blood types. This means that they can be shy or outgoing depending on the weather. These people are known for their charming personalities and are rarely put off by other people, which is the reason they are always the life of the party. People with AB blood type are known to be very hardworking and spiritual. They never have a boring day in their lives since they always have something or the other to look forward to. There may come times where ABs may come across as party poopers because they are very responsible and take actions very cautiously. They only like providing others with favors at their own will. And, just like people with A blood type, these people do not react very well under stress.

Type O (+, -)

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The blood type that makes up the majority of the world population. People with O blood type are known for their independent characteristics. Making up more than 35% of the world population, Os are classified into two: leaders and loners. These people are self-sufficient and are more than likely to take risky decisions even if they do appreciate the advice of other people. People with type O blood are recognized for their intuition. However, they struggle to perform well in team tasks since they tend to give up very easily. These people are known for their strong personalities, which usually cause them to be the center of attention at any event. However, their bold nature can usually cause them to become isolated from other people. Os are known to perform well under stress, but only if they feel they will be recognized for their hard work.

Here is a quick low-down on how each blood type fares with the others:

  • ‘A’s get along very well with fellow ‘A’s and ‘AB’s.
  • ‘B’s tend to get along very well with other ‘B’s and ‘AB’s.
  • ‘AB’s find it very easy to get along with everyone.
  • ‘O’s are most likely to get along with other ‘O’s and ‘AB’s.

Took you by surprise, didn’t it? Who could have thought your blood type could have an impact on your personality! Or maybe it’s the other way around? Oh, well. I guess we’ll never know.

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