What Your Eyebrow Shape Says About Your Personality

by Shivani K

When we meet a person for the first time, do we actually wait for them to start talking so that we can form a naive opinion about them? Definitely not, right? It’s the facial features that help us form a judgment about the person. For example, a calming smile makes us think that the person is of a very silent, peaceful nature. So yes, even before others open their mouth and talk, we telegraph an enormous amount about their personality simply by scanning the way they look.

Similarly, even others can get a sense of our personality from the hair color we’ve chosen, or the way we dress up — we reveal so much about ourselves without even saying a single word. This is because we put in a lot of decision making while presenting ourselves. Therefore, it makes total sense when people say that the eyebrows and faces that we show to the world speak volumes about us.

While most of us let our eyebrows grow, many more shape and sculpt them by plucking them. We’ve put together this exclusive list for you that will help you understand what your eyebrow shape is actually telling the world about you. You’ll find the answers to be quite surprising!

#1 Natural-Full Eyebrows


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A person with naturally fuller eyebrows indicates that the person is active and has high self-confidence. Once they set their eyes on something, they become unstoppable and make sure their goals are achieved by hook or by crook. They are hardworking and decisive.

#2 Natural-Thin Eyebrows

A person with naturally thin eyebrows indicates that he/she is pretty weak when it comes to making decisions in life. Such people feel safer when they have someone who would counsel and advice them. You don’t really love the idea of taking risks in life. You prefer being surrounded by people who’d constantly boost your confidence.

#3 Continuous Or Unibrows


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A person with unibrows is a soul who barely cares about the way others are perceiving them because the fact that both their eyebrows are joined and that they’ve never intended to separate brows shows the world proves they don’t care about the world. However, they love daydreaming instead of translating those thoughts of theirs into reality. Such people have a habit of thinking non-stop and tend to evaluate everything around them.

#4 Short Eyebrows


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A person with short eyebrows can never handle stress in life. They can neither watch their near and dear ones go through any stress. They get themselves worked up for nothing quite often. All that they yearn for in life is a stress-free life. They normally pay more focus to all the minute things in life instead of focusing on the big picture.

#5 Long Eyebrows


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A person with long eyebrows is opposite to the ones with short eyebrows. The ones with long eyebrows handle stress like a pro, they never feel stressed and tackle the situation quite efficiently. They are problem solvers and solve all their professional and personal problems with ease. They are known to be both hardworking and competitive in nature.

#6 Curved Or Round Eyebrows


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A person with round or curved eyebrows is liked by all because of their friendly and warm personality. They know how to communicate tactfully and always pay heed to what others have to say too. You end up trusting people easily and are always in an effort to create a win-win for both you as well as those around you.

#7 High Eyebrows


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A person with higher curves in their eyebrows indicates that they are a very selective and perceptive person. They prefer taking their own time to observe the things around them and then act accordingly. They hate it when they are put in a situation to take decisions instantly. They love working independently and set high expectations for their work as well.

#8 Low Eyebrows


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A person with low eyebrows has little patience. Whatever they decide to do in their life, the procedure needs to get done quick and an almost instant result should be delivered to them. They hate the concept of criticism and they can never hold themselves back from interrupting other’s talks.

#9 Straight Eyebrows

A person with straight brows has an eye for details. They have a very straight and direct approach just like their brows. They love listening to logic and facts. Since they have a very logical approach towards life, their friends and family often seek their help in times of distress. They have the ability to evaluate their surroundings without letting any emotions intervene in the process.

#10 High Arch Eyebrows


anitahassanandani / Instagram

A person with high arch eyebrows often falls in the “not approachable” category because they always restrict themselves when it comes to interactions. They take time to gel along and warm up to people. The truth is that they are sensitive and need space to be able to trust a new human completely. They love being a perfectionist.

Now that we have you equipped with a comprehensive guide to understanding personality traits keeping eyebrow shapes in mind, what does your eyebrow shape mean? Let us know in the comments below.

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