Tell Us What Shape Your Eyebrows Are, And We Will Guess Your Character Type

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Words often attempt to express what we feel but eyes reflect the soul. It is said that a lot can be understood by a person by looking at someone’s eyes. If we feel happy, sad, guilty or bad, our eyes reveal it even if we try to hide it. There is so much that we can know about someone without them saying a word just by how their eyes speak. First impressions are shaped from this very fact. Eyebrows are like the frame around our eyes and can reveal a lot about a person’s character.
Curated below is a list of different shaped eyebrows that speaks volume about our personalities. Let’s have some fun together by identifying at least one person in our close-knit circles who have these eyebrows and match their personalities with them.

1. Ordinary Eyebrows

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These are the kind of eyebrows that are not too long, not too short but have the perfect length. They are arched in the ideal way and are equidistant from each other. Eyebrows of this kind mean value of traditional morals and integrity of character.

2. Long Eyebrows

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People with long eyebrows tend to be social butterflies. They are kind and have a friendly personality. They possess infinite energy to deal with drama of people they care about. They solve problems without getting others help.

3. Short Eyebrows

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Individuals with short eyebrows have a drama-free personality. They have very few close friends and are not initiators of help. They do not like to get involved with other people’s problems as they sometimes feel like it’s a lot to handle their own.

4. Thick Eyebrows

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Thick eyebrows are a sign of great self-confidence and style. Persons with thick, full eyebrows have an outward attractiveness and feel like they can figure anything out. They are logical people and that allows them to cope with conflicts. They have an unstoppable attitude in life and are best described as free spirits. They do not let what other people think of them, affect them.

5. Thin Eyebrows

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Thin, sleek eyebrows indicate a sense of innate compassion. They make excellent listeners and are innately delicate in everything they do. Persons with sparse eyebrows tend to have low self-confidence and despise conflict. They manage to avoid conflict very tactfully.

6. High-arched Eyebrows

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Personalities with high-arched eyebrows are sensitive and have a great regard for trust. They believe that trust has to be earned. They seem self-centered unless you get to know them because these individuals do not open up easily to anyone. They demand perfection from themselves and rely on self-criticism to improve as individuals.

7. Low-arched Eyebrows

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Low-arched eyebrows indicate trustworthiness. They have a personality that makes anyone trust them easily. They also have an appealing personality that makes then ideal for long term relationships. They are known to give their full commitment to something once they’ve taken it up.

8. Triangular Eyebrows

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The sharp peak in their eyebrows indicates a person who has a knack for dealing with unpredictable situations. They are analytical, spontaneous, and make great leaders. They have a vibrant energy around them that makes them inspiring. They are the kind of people who like taking up responsibility because it makes them feel worthy and content. Their spontaneity can invite trouble into their lives but they seldom worry. They have a fun personality and people usually do not get bored in their company.

9. Rounded Eyebrows

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People with rounded eyebrows have a comforting atmosphere around them. They are kind and caring by nature and it feels warm to be around them. They put other people’s needs before theirs and possess good people skills. They are attentive to people’s problems and ever ready to help.

10. Almost Straight Eyebrows

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Eyebrows like this do have a clear cut distinction. It indicates a mind that is rational and these individuals have an analytical approach towards life. They like to voice their opinions, even the unpleasant ones, if it means it will get them close to the truth. They are not afraid to get other peoples’ disapproval and can overcome situations that seem uncomfortable for others.

11. Diagonal Eyebrows

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Diagonal Eyebrows can mean two different things. If the angle is steep, it means the person is extreme with their emotions; it makes you sort of imbalanced in a way. People with these eyebrows have a diplomatic personality that is driven through the emotions they feel. They make an unforgettable impression on everyone. They are focused in life, know exactly what they want from it, and how to achieve it.

12. Barely Visible Eyebrows

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Light eyebrows indicate a shy and timid personality. The shape of these eyebrows cannot be distinctly determined which is a sign of insecurity. People who have light eyebrows doubt themselves and their abilities to succeed in something. They cannot be assertive even when they need to be and people tend to take them for granted.

13. Queen’s Eyebrows

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Some people have eyebrows that are higher on their face than the rest of us. These eyebrows were given the name “Queen’s eyebrows” by Chinese face readers. They imply a sense of real style and beauty. They have excellent taste in living life a certain way but can be hard on themselves.
Who knew that eyebrows could say so much about the kind of people we are? It is fascinating to see how much of ourselves are affected by our external being which in turn shapes our personalities. Which person did you relate the most to? Comment below.

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