Flower Meanings And What Your Favorite Flower Says About You

Flower Meanings And What Your Favorite Flower Says About You Hyderabd040-395603080 August 20, 2019

Which is that one easy way to include nature in your home? It’s either to decorate your home with fresh flowers or to plant a home garden if you’re a person with some gifted patience and green fingers. While a majority of us are suckers for the classic roses, there are many who prefer lilies and tulips too, right? Each one of us feels drawn towards a particular flower that gets tagged as “special.” But, were you aware of the fact that your choice of flower can talk a lot about you? Tulips, daisies, sunflowers, roses, and more… your special flower holds the key to your personality as well. So, let’s read on to know what our floral favorites symbolize about us.

1. Roses

1. Roses Pinit


Rose lovers are known to be sophisticated and yes, they are slightly prickly in nature too. The real meaning of rose lays in its color. So, red roses obviously stand for love and desire, which we are all aware of already! Dark red roses stand for unconscious beauty. Pink roses symbolize grace, gentleness, and happiness. White ones represent innocence, reverence, purity, and silence. Yellow roses signal new beginnings, friendship, and joy; orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and desire; and coral ones stand for friendship and empathy.

If you pick a rose, you are a person who always thinks from heart. Classic and timelessness define your aesthetics. You become an effortless statement in everything you do.

Did You Know? Rose is the state flower of New York.

2. Tulips

2. Tulips Pinit


Tulip lovers are known to be incredibly positive, laid back, and have a crazy lot of friends. The specialty of tulips is that they are one of those flowers, which can bloom on the coldest of days and even on the sunniest. They have varied meanings based on their colors. Red ones are for love, yellow ones depict the sunshine in your smile, purple ones talk about royalty, and white tulips represent forgiveness.

If you pick a tulip, you’re a confident and thoughtful person. You love everything that’s sleek and you like staying coordinated.

Did You Know? Tulip is the national flower of many countries — Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, and Holland.

3. Lilies

3. Lilies Pinit


Lily lovers are known to be very pleasant people; they always keep their head held high and help others in keeping themselves happy too. In general, lilies stand for refined beauty and purity. Based on their colors, the white ones stand for virginity and modesty, yellow ones represent gaiety, and the orange ones represent passion. There’s a particular variety of lilies called the Calla lilies. This variety is chosen particularly for wedding bouquets for they represent innocence, purity, and beauty. Oh, and let’s not forget the sweet smell of the lilies, it’s intoxicating!

If you pick a lily, you’re a very hardworking and a happy person, and you’re always proud of whatever you’ve accomplished. Your style looks like it was tailored — it’s that the perfect.

Did You Know? Calla lilies are the national flower of Ethiopia. There’s another variant of lily called Sego lily which is the state flower of Utah.

4. Orchids

4. Orchids Pinit


Orchid lovers love living in the lap of luxury, for orchids themselves are considered to be one of the most exotic blooms in the world. Also, they are the moodiest flowers, quite temperamental in nature, you know. All the elements need to be in balance for them to grow. One aspect goes slightly off-balance and they’ll refuse to cooperate. Well, does this sound like anybody you already know in your life?

If you pick an orchid, you’re both mysterious and sophisticated. You aren’t glamorous or loud in nature, still, people find themselves drawn towards you. You love details and make sure they are all on point.

Did You Know? Orchids are the national flower of many countries — Brazil, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Seychelles, Singapore, Colombia, etc.

5. Peonies

5. Peonies Pinit


Peony lovers are the ones who believe in living in the moment. Peony is a flower that stays in bloom for a very short period of time. However, it’s sweet, luxurious, and voluptuous nature makes peonies one of those flowers, which are always in demand. Peonies have many varied meanings which include shame, compassion, and bashfulness. They also represent good health, a happy life, prosperity, and a happy marriage.

If you pick a peony, you’re this positive person who’s always looking forward to what the future has in store for you. You’re very empathetic and thoughtful toward others in your life. Your style signifies boldness and brightness, but with an elegant attitude.

Did You Know? Currently, peony is the state flower for Indiana.

Who had thought that your liking for a flower could give others hints about your personality, right? Which is your favorite flower and what does it mean? Let us know in the comments section below.