The Length Of Your Hair Reveals More About Your Personality Than You Think

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Did you ever attract more attention than you thought you would, that too without much effort? If you are wondering why you have suddenly become the center of attention, there’s a reason for it. It could have something to do with your latest hairdo. WHAT? Yes, I mean it! Not that it’s weird or ugly. What hairstyle you do is entirely up to you. If you thought the length of your hair was more about convenience and staying in tune with the trends, there’s more to it. Curious? Stay with me, for, I am about to unravel the truth about your hair length.

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It so happens that how short or long you keep your hair can reveal a lot about your personality. Really? Yes! Your hair is nothing but a reflection of your personality. Read on to know what the length of your hair says about your personality. Shall we begin?

Short Hair Or Pixie Cut

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 For starters, it looks cool. I simply love the cut and think this is the most stylish and easily manageable hair length. You neither have to spend hours shampooing nor is there a need to spend much time on combing your hair. Maintenance-free is what I call this. So, what if you have this length?

Well, if you have short hair, it means you have a very pleasing personality. Remember Anushka Sharma in PK? She looked damn hot in that hairdo. People who keep their hair length short tend to be social, flirty, and confident. They can become friends with strangers easily and love to show off their intelligence. They have self-control but can get impulsive at times.

Hair Length Above The Shoulder Or Bob Cut

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 From my experience, I can tell you, this is the best length of hair one must maintain. The reason is it is neither too short or long and doesn’t require much effort for styling. Also, with this hair length, you could try some hairstyles that are impossible with a pixie cut. Whenever I ask my hairstylist to style me differently, all he tells me is to first grow my hair at least till my shoulders, so he can even think of trying some styles. And those who have hair like this, good for you. I am about to reveal what kind of a personality you are!

Well, when it comes to things, you are pretty much candid. You are not the one to mince words. You don’t mind being brutally honest at times, even if that might put the other person off, which makes you fearless. You are good at striking the perfect balance between your work and personal life. You are very meticulous and can’t stand anything disorganized. You love to try new things. The only drawback is that you jump the gun, which goes against you at times.

Shoulder Length Hair Or Lob

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 This is medium length hair and can suit any face type. The best thing about having hair till your shoulders is that you can easily style it in several different ways. It’s so versatile that you could try any trendy hairstyle with your hair without any hassle. Cut your locks into layers, or just let them down, you will look amazing. And if you are one of those with a lob, here’s what it reveals about your personality.

You love to show off your feminine personality. You always look your best and ensure you look nothing less than elegant. You are an extrovert and can’t stop yapping (a good thing, BTW). You are always up for new challenges and ensure you meet them effortlessly. You are a people’s person and have long-standing relationships with most you meet. You believe any friendship is for keeps. And people love to be friends with you for this very nature of yours.

Long Hair

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 Oh! What can I say about people with long hair? My first question to them is, “How do you manage those long tresses?” It’s unbelievable how a few women try to maintain long hair without much fuss. It’s unimaginable for a person like me, who has had short hair all her life. For one, washing your hair is time-consuming, not to mention the amount of hair products required. And then, drying the wet hair feels like an eternity. Detangling is a problem too. After all these, you have another big task ahead – how to style it today. Phew! Kudos, woman. Not my cup of tea! But yes, the end result of all your efforts is evident when you step out in style, flaunting those long tresses or just innocently pushing them off your face casually while talking to that hunk next door. That’s sure a sight to behold!

And what about the long hair? Okay, the most important thing I can think of at the outset is that girl, you have a lot of patience. How else can you maintain long hair? It also means you are cautious about things and idealistic. For you, a romantic relationship means long-term. You are one of those very demanding partners to have. You always put your heart and soul into everything and expect the same from others. The word ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist in your dictionary as you believe there’s nothing that’s not achievable. And, to prove that, you walk the extra mile to accomplish things. Perseverance, thy name is you!

Every length of hair has its plus and minus points. But, you could style it the way you want to make it look chic and in line with your personality.

So, girls, no matter the length of your hair, just go take on the world. Nothing can stop you from achieving what you want. Remember, the sky is the limit for those with a burning passion to reach their goals.

Did I miss anything? Do you have to say anything about the link between the length of your hair and your personality? Feel free to share your views in the comments section below. Suggestions are welcome.

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