Weird Things Your Voice Can Reveal About You

by Shivani K

They say that one can judge a person’s nature by the way they dress up, the way they talk, the way they walk, etc. But did you know that it is not just the way you talk but also the way you sound speaks volumes about you? Less than a second after hearing one’s voice, you can know a lot of things about that person. It sure does sound unbelievable, but it’s true! The sound of your voice is unique from the others’ and it also carries some very unexpected but useful information about you as a person as well.

We were shocked to know when we knew what all can be known by just listening to a person’s voice. Did you know that we can get a hint about one’s strength, height, and some special features by hearing one speak? You don’t even have to be seen to know your height, the voice is enough for that information. So, here, we’ve streamlined a couple of things that your voice is revealing about you. Read on.

1. It Speaks About Your Trustworthiness


A particular study recorded 64 versions of the sound of the word “Hello” and 64 volunteers were asked to listen to the recordings and pick whose voice or sound they trusted the most. The participants mostly ended up choosing voices of men who while saying the word “Hello”, had a higher pitch towards the end. And for women, it was vice versa, the voices of women who had a lower pitch towards the end of saying a “Hello” were considered to be more trustworthy than the rest. The study concluded that the sound of every word your mouth utters can help another person understand if you’re trustworthy or not (1). Now, who knew about such facts! It’s fascinating, isn’t it?

2. It Tells Whether You’re Social Or Not


Your voice can also give an indication about your personality. More specifically, it talks about whether or not you’re an introvert or an extrovert (2). In a particular study, people were asked to listen to some computer-generated recordings. These recordings were modeled to sound like voices of extroverts and introverts. The participants who volunteered to listen and judge were able to capture the voices that sounded extrovert and introvert surprisingly. The study spoke about how the voice of extroverts sounded louder and that they spoke faster. On the contrary, the voice of the introverts sounded quieter and slower.

3. It Talks About Your Fertility


Gone are the days when we thought that a menstrual cycle only affects a woman’s hormonal changes, and of course, her mood. Turns out that it also has an impact on the way you sound! Women with a voice of high pitch are known to be more fertile. And the voice also becomes higher with the approach of ovulation (3).

4. It Tells How Tall You Are


Your voice can also talk about how tall you are. A study experiment was conducted where speakers of different heights were asked to talk. And the participants who were made to listen to the recordings could distinguish as to which speaker was the tallest of all. The study concluded that the deeper and lower the voice is, the taller the person is (4).

5. It Tells How Professional You Are


The sound of your voice also makes an impact on your career. A study showed how people with vocal fry seemed to be less competent and less educated (5). And this held true especially in the case of women. The way your voice sounds influences an employer’s decision on whether to hire you or not.

6. It Talks About Your Strength


When we say that voice helps determine the strength of a body, we’re talking about mainly the upper strength. And this mostly holds true in the case of men. A particular study has participants listen to the voices of men. These voices belonged to different men from different countries who spoke in their native languages. The participants were able to say who was stronger by listening to their voice. The result stated that men with deeper voices were stronger (6).

7. It Indicates If You Have A Condition Of Parkinson’s Disease


By listening to the voice frequency, one can know if the person has this condition or not. People who suffer from this disease are known to have a very soft voice and they run out of breath very soon. Also, when they begin talking, the voice sounds very monotonous. And at the end of the talk, tremors appear in their voice (7).

Do you recollect any instance of having judged a person based on their voice? If you did, let us know in the comments section below.

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