When Should You Skip Exercising

by Shivani K

Yes, the millennials surely have been born into a sedentary world that follows a sedentary lifestyle. But amongst all the odds that this present generation faces right from unstable governments to an environment that is consistently destructing, there are some things they’re following which earlier generations didn’t bother to. One of them is walking on a healthy route in life by eating healthy and burning those calories by hitting the gym. The present generation gives so much importance to staying fit and healthy. They seem to keep their fitter selves above anything else that could be a potential priority. But just give this a thought now, is it really necessary to push the limit and exercise when you know your body is recovering from a viral infection or any other sort of pain? Don’t you think exercising when your body needs good rest will cause more harm than good to your body?

To put more light on this, here’s a low down on when you should be skipping your workouts to stay healthy! Read on.

1. When You Are Down With A Fever


Many think that working out at the gym will keep all sickness at bay. This could be true, however, if you already have a fever, then it’s best advised to rest. Because at that time, your body is basically already fighting an infection or a virus. Therefore, it needs to rest in order to kick it off your body and recover soon. If you choose to workout at this time, then your body is going to be weaker and more vulnerable to the illness that it is trying to defend. So, next time you’re ill, rest it out!

2. If You Have Recently Trekked Or Ran A Big Marathon


The body gets exhausted to great levels when you have completed a fitness event like a marathon. Or if you have been climbing or trekking mountains for a couple of days. After doing all this, when you’re back at your regular schedule, it’s best advised to allow your body some good time to recover. You could just take slow-paced strolls, or try yoga, these will help your body recover from the strain it’s been through. Don’t ever workout immediately.

3. When You’re Injured


Working out at a gym with all those heavy weights needs to be the right way. If you aren’t doing it correctly, chances are that you’ll injure your body. When your body is injured, it’s best advised to rest it out and allow the injury to heal naturally. Sure, you can still workout by focusing on another body part, but there are high chances that you could tweak something again and land in a painful mess. So, when you’re injured, please recover and later resume your workout drills.

4. When You’re Down With A Flu


We understand that working out will help you better your immune system. It’s going to make your body stone-hearted and defend the viruses that try to woo and enter inside. However, when you’re already battling a flu or a viral infection, working out will not help! It will weaken your body and make it more vulnerable to stay in the ill state. Therefore, whenever you’re sick or down with a flu, it’s important to stay hydrated, have your medicines, and take adequate measures to rest. This will allow your body to eliminate the flu and switch to recovery mode. Once your body has completely recovered, you can get back to doing your favorite exercise at your gym.

5. When You’re So Sore Than You Cannot Even Walk Properly


They say that exercising is good. It helps release the stiffness in the muscles and makes way for oxygen to help repair the weak muscles and make them stronger. Light stretching and feeble exercises will help fix this problem. But, when you over strain your body and its muscles to an extent that it is becoming sore then you need to stop exercising till your muscles feel good. If you ignore giving them rest and continue to workout, you’re making them more vulnerable and this could lead to injuries as well.

Whenever you find that your muscles have turned soar because of working out, we suggest you switch to yoga for a couple of days. Yoga is known to improve the flexibility of the body after all.

6. When You Might Miss Out On Something Very Important In life


We absolutely appreciate if you’re very disciplined and dedicated towards your workout regimen at the gym. But, if there is something really important that you need to take care of, for example, attend your child’s annual day function, or take your mom or partner somewhere where they couldn’t go alone—you need to give your exercising a miss! Many do the mistake of religiously following their gym routines and giving their personal priorities a miss. So, don’t do that. Never do that! Because being with family and friends is also a part of living a healthy life.

We hope you’ve realized when not to exercise after reading the above-mentioned points. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments given below.

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