Cold Water Or Warm Water? One Of Them Is Potentially Damaging Your Health!

Written by Sakshi Bajpai

Most of us are confused by the “right” way to keep our body hydrated. For some it could be drinking eight glasses of water a day; for others, it could simply involve substituting water with every juice or sweet drink. When it comes to the preferred morning beverage, we usually prefer something to warm our stomachs, such as a hot cup of coffee or a warm glass of tea. That being said, water is usually preferred cold. As much as experts focus on the importance of having warm water, it is not always appealing unless mixed with something tasteful.

Well, the benefits of drinking warm water are something that can fill a book, or so to say. Regularly consuming warm water, especially on an empty stomach, has been proven to heal the body and strengthen the immune system.

So, if you kickstart your day with a glass of warm water, then you should know the surprises that will follow!

Effects Of Warm Water On Your Body

1. Aids Weight Loss


While staying hydrated is a cardinal rule of weight loss regimes, taking warm water is the most optimal way to consume this elixir of life. A study conducted by the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine included 50 overweight women (1). They were instructed to consume 500 milliliters of water thrice a day, 30 minutes before taking their meals. Post the completion of the study, it was found that there was a significant amount of decrease in the BMI, body weight, appetite score, and fat percentage in the volunteers.

2. Improves Blood Circulation


When you drink a glass of warm water, the fat deposits in the body get eliminated, flushing out toxins circulating all over the body. This leaves more room for the blood to flow freely and uninhibited. A research has proven that exposure of the body to warmer temperatures during the early morning, improves the blood circulation in the system (2).

3. Alleviates Pain


Whether it is menstrual cramps or regular headaches, warm water can help you with everything. The abdominal muscles are known to benefit from the heat of the warm water, which is why it is an instant relief from muscle spasms and cramps. In addition to that, drinking warm water before the first meal of the day can soothe an irritated, swollen or dry throat, thus providing temporary pain relief.

4. Improves Bowel Movements


Any time of the day, a warm glass of water can help boost your digestion. This is supported by a study in the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility, which analyses the effects of warm water consumption on patients with achalasia (3). Achalasia is a rare disorder that narrows the esophagus, making it difficult for people to ingest food and water. The results brought forward that 58% of the participants saw a major improvement in the condition after consuming hot water. Hence, if you add this into your morning ritual, it will activate your colon as well as provide ease to the bowel movements.

5. Prevents Premature Aging


Simply the existence of toxins in the system can lead to aging issues. Warm water can cleanse the body of these toxins. Adding to that, it can repair skin cells, thereby contributing to skin elasticity. So, a hot glass of water on an empty stomach may prevent premature aging as well as its side effects.

What Can Drinking Cold Water Do To Your Body?


The feeling of having a glass of cold water on a hot day is indescribable. While it can cool you off in a split second, however, it does other things that unfortunately aren’t so chill. Hence, experts do not recommend having cold water regularly.

There are many reasons drinking cold water can prove to be bad for your health. Let us check some out:

  • Drinking cold water makes your blood vessels contract. This happens because your body needs to warm up before using the cold water. Thus, diminishing hydration and the absorptivity.
  • Cold water is responsible for increasing the mucus found in the respiratory system. Subsequently, congested lungs become more prone to various infections, while simultaneously increasing your risk of a throat infection.
  • Since cold water solidifies fats present in your food, it makes the body work even harder to digest the food you consume.

Adding a warm glass of water to your daily regime can work wonders for your body. Once you decide to get in the habit of consuming water at a higher temperature, you might notice a significant improvement in the way your body feels before, during, and after eating meals. So, the next time you see yourself reaching for that cup of coffee at the sight of sunrise, take a step back and heat up the water instead. After all, it is expert recommended.

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