Which Person Has a Fake Smile? Your Choice Can Reveal an Important Trait About You

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You know the expression “one’s smile can say a lot about themselves?” It is quite true. In fact, a smile is the only human expression that has been studied in a lot of depth. A smile can be convincing, it can make one fall in love, it can even make a person doubtful because a smile can be fake too.

It might pleasantly surprise you to know that there are 19 different types of smiles. And these fall into two categories: one is the category of polite smiles which is meant for the society and social interactions in general. It requires one to make use of very few facial muscles. The other is the category of genuine smiles, and this requires one to engage more facial muscles. We’re not saying this in a vacuum, this is according to research done by San Francisco State University (1).

The meaning of a smile can change depending on whom you’re talking to. Certain smiles can bring you benefits, while other kinds of smiles have the capability of revealing certain hidden weaknesses as well. However, knowing all this it can be quite tricky to discern whether a smile is genuine or fake.

Therefore, we decided to help you with this problem here. Given below is a collage showing six different types of smiles. To a common eye, they all might look similar, but the meaning of their smiles isn’t the same. Try to pick the one which you feel is the most insincere. Your choice will reveal an important trait about you.

Pick A Smile From Below

Pick A Smile From Below
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After you’ve chosen a smile, scroll down to confirm whether it was fake or not and also to know what your choice reveals about you. Let’s learn about ourselves through others’ smiles.

If You Chose “1”

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If you chose the wise man smiling away, here’s what that choice says about you. You are extremely sensitive not only towards your self but towards other people’s moods as well. And at times, this habit of yours becomes really extreme. What we’re trying to say here is that you are affected by other people’s moods. Which means only one thing – you’re an empath! You are easy prey for all things negative. You easily absorb the anxiety, the anger, and the frustration which is dwelling in the atmosphere around you.

But hey! That’s not all. You are a shining beacon of positivity to all around you. In fact, you are considered as a nice friend by others in both, good and bad times.

If You Chose “2”

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Your choice reveals that you, as a person, are extremely unique. You are a person who has managed to strike a balance between your strong mind and your emotion soul, which is really a remarkable feat. You are someone who has experienced strong, powerful feelings throughout your life, but you have never allowed them to dictate you. Self-control is something that you’ve mastered. In short, you’re a human, who’s perfectly in control of his emotions and mind.

If You Chose “3”

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If you chose this then you are definitely a very resilient person. You never lose your cool, no matter what debacle you might have to face. You only spread positive vibes. You support people and love cheering them up. People love your company. Your advice and opinions are always heard and valued, by friends and family.

If You Chose “4”

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If you picked this smiling woman thinking she has a fake smile, then this is what your choice tells about you. Irrespective of the nature of the situation you are facing, you handle it like a matured adult. You are responsible when it comes to taking care of your people and yourself too. And if you ever feel mentally disturbed or bogged down by negative thoughts, you never transfer it to others. You find a solution for all your negative thoughts and handle it on your own. You believe in making the most out of every single moment that life has to offer.

If You Chose “5”

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You have a knack for balancing life. You’ve understood that if a bad thing has happened in your life, it will soon become better with time or it will be replaced with something much better later on. You just take a deep breath and deal with the difficult times. You are known to give apt advice to others, and you should continue to do so.

If You Chose “6”

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If you chose the last one, you are definitely a self-made, independent person. You are a very genuine soul who is always ready to help everybody around. Your family and friends mean the world to you and you’re always there for them. You know and understand human psychology which makes it easier for you to analyze other’s emotions.

So, which smiling picture did you choose? Do you feel these observations apply to you? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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