Which Table Would You NOT Like To Sit At? Your Answer Will Reveal What’s Bothering You!

Written by Rachana C  • 

Did you ever enter a restaurant and insist on sitting at a specific table? All of us do this, don’t we? But did you know why we do this? This is where we all need to dig through our unconscious, which we prefer calling the sub conscious. All our habits, slip-of-the-tongues, and mannerisms that we feel we don’t have control over are all coming from the subconscious. Why do you think you prefer sitting at one place over the other? You would be shocked what your choice of seat can tell about your state of mind and temperament. If you find it hard to believe, choose a table from the following four pictures and tell me which of them you would NOT like to sit at. And, I will tell you which state of mind you are in. Try me!

Table No.1

When I asked which table you’d not like to choose, if your answer was 1, this shows that you are looking for distance. You are slowly moving away mentally and emotionally from your loved ones. Have you met some really close friend of yours recently but didn’t feel the enthusiasm you once had? Yes, that reflects in your selection. Although you seem to be going through a phase of imbalance and uncertainty, let me tell you, it is not necessarily bad to seek isolation. Sometimes, the best of the times you spend in life is with yourself. Delve deep into your psyche and find out what is triggering your urge to isolate yourself. If there are any suppressed feelings you are running away from, it is time you faced them. If there is any relationship in your life that is causing this want for escape, a better idea would be to rather face it and make peace with the outcome.

Table No.2

So, now that you have chosen not to sit at Table No.2, it is time to tell you that this, again, is about distancing. However, your urge to cut connections with people is stronger here. The roots of this urge lie in the state of exhaustion you are in. You have reached that stage in life where you are tired of your life – maybe your relationship or your job. Before this way of life gets the better of you, introspect and come to terms with the situations in your life. Disconnecting with people is a solution – a temporary one. A more permanent solution to this problem would be to talk to your inner self. Maybe there wouldn’t be a better time in your life to pack that bag and set off to some place on your bike. Don’t forget to come back, of course. Just make sure you are more rejuvenated and peaceful than before.

Table No.3

If you chose not to sit at this table, you had a rosy picture of life earlier, which was shattered due to circumstances. And you are pessimistic now because you can’t cope with change or don’t want the change to occur. It is time you bring yourself consciously out of the oblivion you have imposed on yourself. If you find yourself torn apart between the actual reality and what you want the reality to be, it is better you accept differences in life and in the way people behave with you. Also, what you are now going through is a sense of turmoil. Try taking things easy and indulge in relaxing activities. This will reduce the prevailing tension in your life. After all, nothing can be more important than making peace with yourself and life.

Table No.4

Table No.4 is what you have selected, haven’t you? Two people sitting opposite each other is all you can see. In reality, however, this shows that you are constantly trying to look for contrasting features between you and somebody. This might not mean that you are putting yourself down all the time, but this is definitely a possibility. When we begin to compare ourselves with someone, there’s always the sense of judgement and evaluation lurking deep within. It becomes a habit even before you realize it, which is why I urge you to stop analyzing differences between you and someone. Also, try figuring out what makes you compare yourself to a person or between any two people. Are you trying to search for some balance in life? Peep within, that’s where the imbalance is. Stop searching for the balance in the outer world.

How accurate was I in introducing you to your subconscious? I’d love to hear from you. Comment below to let to me know.

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