5 Reasons Why Arranged Marriages Are Still Successful In India

by Shivani K

In an era where online dating, hookups, and love marriages are the obvious choices when it comes to relationships, the thought of nodding head for an arranged marriage is way too old school and rather obnoxious. But, in countries like India where everything is governed by cultures and traditions, the concept of an arranged marriage is still believed in and adhered to.

Yes, Indians are very happy and colorful people. But at the same time when it comes to topics that are related to marriage, they behave practically towards it. The union of the bride and groom is also seen as the union of two families here. And while deciding whether or not this union is beneficial in the long run, a lot of things are accounted for — income levels, caste, astrology, education, etc. Indians especially throw huge importance on astrology while deciding the match, because they believe that mismatched stars will only invite trouble for a lifetime. Another important fact about an arranged wedding is that it is regarded as the beginning of a relationship between two people rather than a culmination of one. And it’s the parents and elders of the family who are regarded as better judges while deciding the match. All this being said, there’s another unique and surprising fact about arranged marriages — the divorce rate among arranged marriages is relatively lower when compared with love marriages (1). This makes it a successful form of marriage in India. We got a little curious and penned down five such reasons as to why arranged marriages are still a huge success in India. Read on.

1. The Level Of Expectation


It’s literally zero expectation levels when it comes to arranged marriages. This is because, in an arranged marriage, you will barely know anything about your partner. Therefore, you enter the relationship with the bare minimum expectations; both your partner and you observe each other’s way of living and make adjustments to make the relationship work for the two of you. You end up accepting the way your partner is and never complain saying you dated a different person back then and you are married to a different person now. Both the partners in the marriage are aware that they are alien to each other and start putting in efforts to understand each other to lead a contentful life.

2. The Choices


Arranged marriages these days have been modified to suit the millennial youths. You no longer have to hire a broker or make your mosi, chacha, or your neighbors hunt for a bride or groom for you. That way choice is limited. But now there are a good number of options and choices available when it comes to arranged marriages. All this is thanks to the various matrimonial apps and sites wherein you can hunt for your Mr. /Mrs. Perfect by sitting at the comfort of your home. In fact, you don’t even have to trouble your parents for it, you can take charge of your decision by taking charge of the entire procedure and look for someone who matches your interests and wavelength and show their profile to your parents.

3. The Level Of Social Compatibility


In India, you’re not just marrying your partner, you are also marrying your partner’s family as well. If it’s a love marriage, no matter how your partner’s family is, you’ll have to accept them and adjust (because you love your partner more). But in an arranged marriage, you can always look out for the partner’s family as well and check the compatibility levels. If you think the family isn’t compatible enough, you can be vocal about it and look for another alliance. This liberty doesn’t exist if it’s a love marriage.

4. The Period Of Courtship


Society keeps evolving, right? And so does the concept of marriage associated with the society as well. These days, in arranged marriages, both the boy and the girl prefer meeting several times before deciding to tie the knot together. Also, the families have welcomed and are okay with the existence of a long courtship period, this gives ample time for both the bride and the groom to understand each other better.

5. Your Parents Always Know What’s Best For You


Your parents have already been in this bond of marriage for decades now. They know how it all works because even they’ve been through the stages of uncertainty, acceptance, love, parenthood and everything in between. They’ve sailed through it together. They also know what kind of comforts you desire, what kind of a partner you would live the best life with. This is one of the main reasons that make arranged marriages successful.

But hey, we’d also like to mention that at the end of the day, when it comes to marriage, you will be taking a leap of faith. Marriage is definitely not a sure-shot way to predict happiness or success. The only thing you need to keep in mind is never force yourself on it nor force anyone else to do it. Do it only when you’re ready! Don’t you agree to this? Let us know about your views w.r.t. arranged marriages in the comments below.

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