Here’s Why Women Gain Weight After Marriage

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Marriage is considered to be a significant event for every woman. It’s the time she bids goodbye to her family and sets off on a whole new journey. But when the D-day is around the corner, there’s a worry that bothers every bride-to-be, the worry of getting into good shape so that she looks flawless on her wedding day. The shape can be anything that she desires. She starts to hit the gym regularly and counts the calories of everything she eats, takes on healthy habits etc.. To-be brides going on a weight loss spree is such a common thing that there are gyms that offer bridal weight loss packages too (yeah, no kidding)!

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While everybody talks about pre-wedding weight loss, no one ever talks about post-wedding weight gain. It’s a situation too, peeps, a real one! There’s even a research that proves the problem of weight gain that every newly-wedded couple suffers from (1). The euphoria of finally getting married can last for quite a bit for the newly-weds and this overwhelming feeling can make them spend a lot of time with each other. In countries like India, women especially gain a lot of weight after marriage. And this apparently is regarded as a good sign by the society. But we thought we’ll tell you what actually leads to weight gain after marriage, let’s read about it.

Your Diet Takes A Hit

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You must have gone all Keto style before your wedding to lose weight faster. But you surely cannot cope to continue to be on a Keto diet during your wedding right? You’ll find yourself indulging or forcefully being fed sweets which are dripping with ghee. Also, you begin to eat the food that was prepared in bulk for all of your family members, your extended family, and not forget the guests! And because you’re the bride, you’re expected to eat after everybody has eaten; you’ll find yourself eating at weird hours. This definitely affects your weight.
There’s A Drastic Change In Your Eating Habits

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At your place, your parents and you must’ve preferred rotis over rice with dal. But, at your husband’s place, they love everything made of rice. They love gorging on delicacies made with rice at any given time of the day. Your new home has a different style of eating and when you try to adapt to it, no matter how careful you will be about what you are eating, you’re bound to put on some extra kilos for sure. Your body reacts to the altering digestive pattern that you’re making your body go through. And in countries like India, especially in the inter-cultural marriages, it’s guaranteed that the bride will face weight gain issues. Just imagine a Punjabi girl being wedded into a Bengali family, she’ll shift from parathas to rice in a jiffy and so will her weight scale!

You Simply Care Less Now

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Before getting married you were taking care of yourself the most. After marriage, your priorities change. The thought of keeping a watch over your weight just doesn’t occur. You tend to let it take a backseat and you’re only focusing on celebrating the new world and the relationships that it gets along with it in your life. The gym hours of your life are replaced with cooking hours now. You cook heavy scrumptious meals for your husband and enjoy eating it together with him. Therefore, the weight gain, dear ladies!

Stress Makes You Binge Eat

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Whether it’s an arranged marriage or a love marriage, as a woman, you are stepping into a new house which is a big change for you. Yes, you might be aware of the fact that your husband and his family are sweethearts and will cause you no harm. But such a big change is bound to make you anxious which will obviously stress you. The thought of whether you’ll be happy with them or if they are happy with you — all these trigger you to stress in abundance. And how do you manage to get over the stress? By binge eating, obviously! The initial phase of marriage brings way too many changes in one’s life and stressing over it will eventually lead to major drawbacks in terms of physical fitness and health.

It Can Also Be Because Of Mere Biology

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Yes, there can be biological reasons too behind that weight gain of yours after your wedding. The feeling of finally being a part of a committed relationship brings in a major emotional shift that modifies the chemistry of our brains. The deep attachment and relaxation that marriage brings along releases the oxytocin hormone (the love hormone) in the body which contributes to weight hoarding (2).

While all of the above-mentioned weight influencers hold true in most of our lives after our wedding, don’t get scared about it! It’s never too late to start working towards a healthy body, right? If you think you’ve gained a lot of weight, start working on a fitter you ASAP!

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