Why Most Indian Women Sleep In Braids And How It Can Transform Your Hair

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If we ask you, when was the last time you had a haircut, it probably won’t be a very long walk down memory lane. This is because we all know a trim once in 3 months is necessary to maintain the health of your hair. However, if you think about it, a majority of Indian women have gorgeous long hair to flaunt, and most of them are not frequent visitors to beauty parlors. We are not saying short hair is any less fun, but if you have adored waist-length thick hair, and want to know how you can grow your hair to be the same, we are here to spill the beans. The secret lies in tying your hair in braids before going to bed. Here in this article is how braids will help to keep your hair healthy and long and save you a lot of time! Read on!

1. There Are Lesser Splitends

There Are Lesser Splitends
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While trimming the lower part of your hair may temporarily alleviate the annoyance of split ends, the problem will return unless you also alter your hair care practice. The health of your hair can be negatively impacted by your sleeping habits, the use of harsh chemical treatments, and excessive blow drying. Your hair will break when you toss and turn in your sleep because of the friction it exerts against your pillowcase. Braiding your hair prevents friction, and hence protects your hair from damage.

2. Your Hair’s Shine Will Improve

Your Hair's Shine Will Improve
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Keeping your hair hydrated is essential if you want it to look its best, so it’s no surprise that numerous styling aids claim to do just that. The hair may get somewhat dry overnight due to the various factors that prevent it from retaining moisture. Putting your hair in braids before bedtime can help preserve moisture because the overlapping design of braids traps air and prevents it from escaping.

3. Prevents Hair Tangles

Prevents Hair Tangles
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Braiding your hair before going to bed regularly will help reduce the number of morning tangles. Braiding not only prevents your hair from becoming tangled, but it also reduces the amount of hair you lose when you brush.

4. Helps To Eliminate Hair Frizz

Helps To Eliminate Hair Frizz
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You may temporarily control the unruly flyaways with anti-frizz solutions, but they are full of chemicals and have even been linked to acne. Putting your hair in braids before bed is a quick, low-cost solution to prevent bedhead in the morning. As dry hair is more prone to frizz, wearing it in braids can help you avoid dryness while bringing out your hair’s natural smoothness.

5. Your Hair Growth May Be Boosted

Your Hair Growth May Be Boosted
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Aside from the obvious aesthetic and tactile downfalls, damaged hair can also inhibit new growth. Damage from dryness and breakage might prevent you from achieving your desired hair length. Avoiding styling tools and chemical treatments can promote healthier hair growth, and once you braid your hair, you don’t need a curler for beachy waves again!

6. It Helps You Get Ready Faster

It Helps You Get Ready Faster
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Braiding your hair the night before might offer you the additional sleep you need if you’re not a morning person. To wake up with healthy, naturally wavy hair, all you need to do is spend a few minutes each night braiding your hair! And in the morning, simply open the braids and enjoy beautiful wavy hair!

7. You Can Get Beautiful Beach Waves

You Can Get Beautiful Beach Waves
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If your hair is naturally straight, you may get gorgeous beach waves in the morning without using any heat styling products or putting in any extra time or effort by braiding it overnight.

8. Helps Keep Acne At Bay

Helps Keep Acne At Bay
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Sebum is naturally produced by your hair and skin. Hair might seem oily in between washes due to sebum, which is secreted by glands on the scalp. Sebum production is either increased or decreased depending on hormonal changes, which can occur at any time in life (such as puberty or pregnancy). As sebum and grime build up on oily skin, breakouts are inevitable; greasy hair covering the entire face just makes matters worse. Braiding your hair away from your face is one way to avoid this. If your oily hair is kept away from your oily skin, you may see a reduction in breakouts.

9. You Can Reduce Your Hair Brushing Time

You Can Reduce Your Hair Brushing Time
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Since you can’t get your hair tangled if you wear it in braids all the time, you can save time on brushing and styling by wearing your hair in a braid all the time. There is no need to brush and untangle protected manageable hair.

So, now that you know how helpful braiding your hair can be, nothing can keep you from flaunting gorgeous hair! Make sure you don’t tie your hair too tight as it can cause a headache. A loose braid is good to go. So, what is your favorite way to wear your hair for the night? Let us know in the comments section!

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