This Is Why People Keep Breaking Your Heart, According To Your Zodiac Sign

This Is Why People Keep Breaking Your Heart, According To Your Zodiac Sign Hyderabd040-395603080 May 20, 2019

A lot has been spoken about what heartbreaks can do to people. A myriad of songs have been sung, poems have been written, and stories have been weaved with the central focus of chiding the ones who have called it enough. Did you ever consider the possibility that you could have contributed to your heartbreak? While that is shocking enough, what is overwhelming is that you can blame your zodiac sign for the whole drama that surrounds your breakup. Wondering how? You got to read on to know that…


Aries Pinit

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Aries, the very first zodiac sign. The emphasis is on “first” because that is what you always want to be. You love to have all the power you can, which is not a very welcoming quality that your partner-to-be would like to find in you. Also, your desire to seek approval and your efforts to hide your insecurities might portray you as a selfish person. No wonder Aries women are quite easily labeled as “drama queens.” And again, this is definitely not something a person seeking long-term commitment is looking for.


Taurus Pinit

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You Taureans are famous for your hallmark behavior that cannot go unnoticed, and that is your headstrong attitude where the question of compromise is almost non-existent. The very foundations of commitment rely on how well arguments and difference of opinions are sorted out. If you decide to stay glued to your perspectives, there is no way your partner is going to even think twice before bidding a final goodbye.


Gemini Pinit

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Geminis are embodiments of two twins together, and most of the time, surprise people with their fleeting moods and mental processes. Are you too one of those who decides to wear red, and, with equal conviction, wants to wear black the very next moment? Then, blame yourself for the rifts in your relationships. Your contradicting interests in colors and numbers are fine until you exercise the same with people who you want to get into a serious relationship with. Your partner might just feel tired keeping up with your ever changing decisions and considers it easier to get rid of both of you together!


Cancer Pinit

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The easiest way to detect a Cancerian is to spot the person whose memories are as accurate as a photograph. They remember too much, and if that is some incident that has hurt them, then it is never going to be removed from their oh-so-vulnerable heart. If it is you I am talking about, try to take the prescribed “chill pill” before you appear as excessively sensitive and as a person that doesn’t let go of things. Not everyone is capable of seeing your intensity, and it is easily mistaken for melodrama.


Leo Pinit

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Typical Leos are those who carry with them an absolute sense of pride and are too sure of themselves. They are like lions waiting to attack when their capabilities are in any way challenged. This attitude is a huge put off as sometimes; you don’t even mind putting your loved ones down just to safeguard your self-respect. If you consider all the people around you to be underlings, it is quite literally a recipe to create havoc in relationships.


Virgo Pinit

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If you are that Virgo who thinks it is necessary to flaunt your signature attitude of being a perfectionist, be ready to have hiccups in your relationships because most of the importance you give to detail is considered vain and trivial. This attitude of yours only makes you more judgemental and paranoid. This makes a person next to you want to run away to a more liberal environment.


Libra Pinit

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Libra, the sign of balance, makes its signchilds love to restore any imbalance around them. On one hand, they are peacemakers, and on the other, they love to indulge in arguments. It is impossible to convince them because their agenda is to keep the fight going as they are more concerned with balancing their opinion with one that is contradictory. Unfortunately, dear Librans, this attitude of yours is not going to work when your partner is going to take offense at your efforts of arguing just for the sake of it.


Scorpio Pinit

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Scorpios are extremely passionate and intellectuals. They are excessive in their emotions, but they are fully aware of them since all their moves are accurately calculated and pre-decided. As long as things are going well, only their calm and composed nature is revealed. It is when they are provoked that the underlying anger stings. If you are one of those Scorpions with the nasty tendency of hurting others and also making sure they are adequately hurt, remember that there is no way someone is going to stick around for long, let alone a partner or a spouse.


Sagittarius Pinit

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One very easily detectable feature of you Sagittarians is that you happen to blurt out everything that comes to your mind not because you want to hurt them, but only because that is simply what you feel. It is much later that you realize that you might have been too straightforward to the extent of hurting others. It is better to be conscious before it damages your relationship with your partner. Come on, the least they expect from you is that you are aware and apologetic of your harsh tongue.


Capricorn Pinit

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The Capricorns are extremely ambitious as they feel that is where they belong – on top of the mountain. However, if you are this ambitious goat, stop making this feature of yours ruin your relationship. Your unquenching ambitions can make your partner weary of trying to satisfy you all the time. Your demanding nature can bring you to the extent of being responsible for your heartbreak.


Aquarius Pinit

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Aquarians have a funny habit of being funny when it is least expected. Their wit can be irrelevant at times, and they can often find themselves in embarrassing situations for being jovial at inappropriate occasions. It gets even more dangerous when you try to be witty with your partner when the latter is fuming with fury. You’d better zip your mouth before the “oops” moment occurs.


Pisces Pinit

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These Piscean fish love to swim in their flowery glowing water. Although you are aware of the tides that can kill your harmony, you prefer to look just at the beautiful side of the sea. This is what makes it difficult to overcome the realities of your past relationships and, of course, your prospective relationships. You can’t NOT forget your exes before plunging into a new commitment.

So, now that you know what qualities in you are making you dig your own love grave, embrace all your good qualities and renounce the unnecessary ones before you become your enemy!

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