Ever Wondered Why Popcorn Is The Default Movie Theater Snack?

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Isn’t it fun to watch your favorite movie while munching on a jumbo bucket of buttery, salty, popped corns (which is actually costlier than the movie ticket!)? But have you ever wondered why we get popcorns as a default snack in almost all the theaters? Well, there is a history behind it.

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Movie theaters weren’t always saturated with the tempting smell of popcorns. Popcorns have been famous since the early 1800s, especially during fairs and carnivals. They were easy and the most affordable food for both the rich and the poor. It was sold mostly by small vendors during such carnivals, and they used to earn quite a lot out of this business.

In early theaters, there were no proper canteen facilities, and people had to come out of the theaters during the interval to eat snacks. It was during that time the independent popcorn vendors grabbed the opportunity and started selling popcorns outside the theaters. This helped them make a double profit as the people who used to pass by and the people who used to come to watch the movie both became their regular customers.

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Seeing their popularity, the vendors were soon allowed to send the popcorns in the lobby of the theaters in exchange for a small fee. But by doing so, these vendors started earning even more! That was when the theater owners wondered – why to allow outside vendors to sell their products in the theater when they can make the popcorns themselves and sell them! To make this plan a successful one, they tried all possible tactics. Finally, to increase the sale of the popcorns, they decided to reduce the price of the movie tickets so that more people come to watch the movies. And they would obviously devour the popcorns! It turned out to be a profitable deal for them.

The biggest hit in the history of popcorns happened during the World War II, when all the sugar was sent off to the military. Because of this shortage, people turned towards salt and corn, and this is how popcorn became famous! Its popularity has never come down till date.

Interesting, isn’t it?

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