9 Reasons Why Yogis Are So Damn Happy

by Shivani K

If you look around, you’ll at least find one or two out of every ten persons who are sad or unhappy with their life. They’re constantly cribbing over the tiniest of the problems that almost everybody out there faces. What do you think is the primary culprit for their worries? It’s the most talked about S-word, “Stress!” In this age of having all things, doing all things, and multitasking, stimulation and stress are two things that are everywhere.

On International Yoga Day, we thought we’ll shed some light and focus on the happiest people of the world today — the yogis. So how is it that in this era of stress and unlimited information that these people find relief from stress and even report greater levels of peace, contentment, and joy in their lives? By practicing yoga, of course!


Of late, we have an overload of studies confirming and proving what yogis have always been claiming for decades and even centuries — that those who practice yoga every day live a much happier life (1). Yogis love yoga in all parts of their lives. And here are 9 such reasons that talk of why yogis are so freakin’ happy!

1. They Move A Lot!


They believe that for one’s body and mind to be happy, they need to give the body what it wants — movement! Every single day of their lives they find different ways to incorporate movement which boosts the health of their bodies, minds, and makes their attitude positive. From simple yoga postures to having fun with the hula hoop, from headstands, handstands to hilarious heart-opener jokes, they do it, they move, just to feel good!

2. They Sense Wholeness


We often find ourselves in a pickle while making a decision, don’t we? Our mind says one thing, our heart says another and our BFF is saying something else! But yogis are clear, they feel wholeness in everything they do in their lives. By practicing yoga every day, they’ve filled the gaps of doubts, they’ve replaced the bad habits with healthier alternatives. They’ve learned how to manage uncomfortable feelings and resolve them with the help of yoga.

3. They Know To Do The Basic Thing The Right Way. They Know How To Breathe.


They call themselves as Ujjayi (victorious) when it comes to breathing… because they’re doing it all the time whether they’re stuck in traffic, at work, or simply on their yoga mats. They are always paying heed and practicing the right breathing techniques all the time. For them, it’s breathing that they consider being the richest and the yummiest ingredients that yield happiness and peace in life.

4. Their Relationships Too Are Healthy


The yogis say that practicing yoga not just heals and benefits their body alone; yoga also positively influences their relations with others as well. Doing yoga every day has helped them to be more authentic and open with others in their lives. From families to friends, love life to other important relationships, they all are enriched with yoga.

5. They Let Go Of Things That No Longer Do Any Good


They say they’ve developed perseverance on their yoga mats and that has permeated into their daily life as well. This has helped them to roll with the flow of life and not. If they find a thought pattern, a person, or a habit that no longer serves them, they have developed this strength through yoga that helps them to simply move on by letting it go, and for good!

6. They Know, Love, And Accept Their Bodies Both Inside Out


By practicing yoga regularly, the yogis have grown a deeper awareness of their bodies. They are capable of recognizing their body ailments and find yoga poses that will help them through the ailments. They believe in having control of their body image in a positive way and love to control the energy flow within their bodies.

7. They Eat To Live And Not Otherwise


When yoga enters one’s life, it brings along discipline which naturally transforms all the ways of our life including the eating habits. Yogis don’t starve; they crave for healthy and wholesome food. They’ve learned that they need to eat and live. They love nourishing and pampering their body with healthy, colorful food of nature.

8. In Them, The Creative Energy Flows Freely


Whether they’re playing, working, or doing yoga, yogis know how to establish the fine line of communication between their soul, mind, and body. It’s through this communication that they let the creative energy flow inside them. Their practices allow them to hold onto, grow, and also inspire creativity in others and not just in themselves.

9. Yogis Sleep Well


Insufficient sleep is one of the major reasons for being cranky and unhappy. Yoga boosts the working mechanism of our bodies. Yogis say that practicing yoga helps one lead a well-rounded life by helping our body work and relax. They say they work hard, they play harder, and sleep soundly!

Being a yogi is more than just being on the mat. It helps one grow into a positive person who only radiates positive energy around him/her. Yoga has the potential to change you, inspire you, and evolve you in the best way. So, what are you waiting for now? Whether you are new to yoga or already a happy yogi, continue to surrender to the practice of yoga. It yields happiness. And that’s an amazing gift. Happy International Yoga Day peeps!

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