Why You Keep Falling In Love With The Wrong People, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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When Rapunzel let her hair down the castle for a guy, he turned out to be the first and the best one she ever met. That kind of fairy tale doesn’t really happen, does it? Well, only a very few people get lucky with love and the rest of us let our hair down the castle for commitment-phobes and unfaithful ones. If you often find yourself entering relationships at the end of which you’re forced to chew your leg out, a bit of self-introspection is what you need. Maybe it’s not them, maybe it’s you! So, how do you know who you really are and what you want? This is where your zodiac sign can help you understand things better.

Before you wave the green flag at someone you find good enough to date, ask yourself if he/she is the right choice for you, not just for today but in the future as well. It’s not a very good idea to date someone just because they look attractive or because they have a very good personality. Compatibility is the thing that you need to focus here. No matter how great he/she is, if you are not happy, that’s not the right person. Your zodiac sign will help you know what kind of person you are and who is the most compatible with you.

So, let’s dive into the zodiac signs and try to understand what people born under each one of them are like when it comes to dating and love.


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If you’re an Aries person, you are adventurous and enthusiastic. While your tremendous level of energy can be very attractive in the beginning, it might drain the energy out of your partner after a while. Not everyone can be as enthusiastic as you, and you need to respect your partner’s pace and slow down a bit if necessary.


You are kind and helpful beyond reason which makes you the wonderful person that you are. However, some people may take your kindness for granted and hurt you bad. This is when you have to stand your ground and cut such people out of your lives. Partner, family, or friends, it doesn’t matter who they are; toxic people are toxic and you need to keep some distance from them for your own good.


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It’s a pretty well-known fact that people born under the zodiac sign Gemini are social butterflies. You may have an amazing pack of friends and you love to party. But things may not go as well as you expect when it comes to finding love because some people may get repelled by your too bright social life. If you really like someone who is more on the mellow side of the social town, try to open up to him and bring a balance between your personalities.


You may love someone with all your heart and they might make you feel that you’re not doing enough. You either need to let go of such people or try to talk to them about the efforts that you put in the relationship.


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The lions born under Leo do think of themselves as kings. Their self-esteem is on the highest level and they want partners who submit to them. Well, this isn’t a healthy kind of relationship and what you actually need is a person who will not dance to your tunes and be bold enough to help you explore your true self.


Don’t worry about the future so much and try to live in the present. Neither you nor your partner knows a thing about what may come in the future. Planning and re-planning things are just going to get your anxiety to bad levels. So, stop stressing out your partner and explore more about the fun side of life.


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You’re innocent and easily available which is why the people you’ve always dated exhausted you. They just take and take all the time without giving anything back to you. This needs to stop and you must learn how to find someone who is as giving as you.


Scorpio people have a problem with accepting their flaws. The moment your partner points out something that you’ve done wrong, you go into a defensive shell inside your mind. Try to take things more constructively and work on your flaws.


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Your big mouth is the one thing that you really need to watch out for. Don’t hurt your partner just because you don’t know how to talk. Once you get better at filtering your thoughts, things will become much better.


Stop being the perfectionist you are when you’re with your partner. Some people love their flaws and try to work on them. Your nagging will only make them feel bad about themselves.


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You’re a gem of a person, but things go haywire when you’re upset. You block out your close ones and hurt them bad. This is what you need to work on.


Stop taking things too fast. People born under this zodiac takes things too fast in relationships and they expect their partner to catch up with the pace. Sorry to break this to you, but always remember that slow and steady wins the race.

No matter what your zodiac sign is, the real problems in a relationship can be solved when there is clarity in your thoughts. Like we said earlier, try to understand yourself better and then go for what you feel is right. Which is your zodiac sign? Do you think you could have avoided all the wrong dates in the past if you knew what you really wanted? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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