Why You Should Always Take Your Jewelry Off Before Going To Bed

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Most of us have that one piece of jewelry that we just can’t bear to part with. And sometimes we’re just too tired to take them off before bed and end up dozing off with our jewelry still adorning our bodies. Though it may seem like a harmless idea, doing so may come with some major health drawbacks. From harming your body to ruining your jewelry, the list is rather long. Here in this article, we have discussed why you should open all your jewelry and keep them safe before hitting the bed. Read on to know them all!

1. Your Finger May Swell Up Because Of Your Ring

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You may have noticed that upon waking, your fingers and hands seem to have swollen a bit. This is apparent because taking off your bangles and rings in the morning may be way tougher to do than during the day. This happens because of the nighttime accumulation of fluids inside the tissues, which leads to puffy hands (1). Now say you forgot to take off your ring and now it won’t come off, all you need to do is soak your fingers in icy water or use soapy water and oil to assist the ring glide off. Once it comes off, massage the hand gently and let it rest for a few minutes before putting the jewelry back on.

2. It Might Disrupt Your Sleep

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If you’re a big tosser and turner in bed, sleeping with a necklace on may be a bad idea. The chains can easily become entangled in your hair or wrap around your neck, preventing restful sleep. The pendants and charms on your favorite necklace may also pinch and wake you up if you sleep with them. If you simply can’t bear to sleep without your precious necklace, choose one made of a flexible and soft material, like leather or thread.

3. It Might Cause Skin Irritation

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Allergies to metals like nickel, commonly used in jewelry, can result in red, itchy skin (2). Gold, silver, and platinum may appear to be a secure investment, but they frequently include other metals too. Make sure the jewelry you wear is at least 14 karats of gold in purity if you have sensitive skin. Generally speaking, the greater the karat number, the purer and less reactive the gold is.

4. It Could Make Your Earlobes Sag

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While it may be more comfortable to remove your studs before going to bed, wearing huge, heavy earrings to bed might cause your earlobes to stretch and make you seem older. Your earrings might also get smelly if you sleep in them. An unpleasant odor may develop around piercings when sebum, dead skin, and germs all mingle and accumulate on them.

5. It Could Cause Bacterial Growth

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The dirt and bacteria on your skin might transfer to your jewelry if you don’t take it off to clean it regularly. Close contact between a ring and the skin provides ideal conditions for the growth of germs. Also, there is a possibility that food particles and dirt may be stuck in your jewelry and may harm your skin. Make sure you wash your jewelry with soap and water every time you take a bath.

6. It Could Break Your Jewelry

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Some individuals may be used to sleeping with their wedding or engagement ring on, but if you want to maintain them in pristine condition, you should take them off at night. If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, you can open your jewelry while lying in bed or while sitting up in bed. The metal of your jewelry might become worn because they grab onto sheets and blankets every time you turn over in bed. We humans perspire when we sleep, and if some of that perspiration makes its way onto your jewelry while you sleep, it will dull its shine.

Even though it might not be a good idea to sleep with your jewelry, by now most of us are habituated to sleeping with it. There are also times when we open our rings in our sleep and they might get lost in the bed after twisting and turning in it all night. The best thing you can do is to have a designated place where you can keep all your jewelry before going to bed so you know exactly where to find them when you wake up. So, what is your trick to keeping your jewelry from getting lost while taking them off while sleeping? Let us know in the comments section!

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