7 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Clothes As Soon As You Get Home

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Ok, let’s be honest here; every person who steps outside their home only thinks of the time when they can return and change back into their comfy clothes! We appreciate fashion technology for working on making outfits more comfortable and breathable, but nothing comes close to the feeling of peeling off your skinny jeans and then wearing cotton pajamas instead! But wait till you hear this, not changing clothes as soon as you get home could lead to numerous health problems. Go through these points to know what exactly happens to your body when you are too tired to change out of outdoor clothes.

1. It Can Harm Your Veins

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Yes, we know how amazing the slim-fit jeans look on you, but wearing them any longer than you absolutely have to does not do your veins any good. You must have noticed the rim patterns it creates on your legs after you open it, and that can’t be the right way to cram your veins! The tighter your clothes are, the more they can harm your veins (1). So the next time you pick your tight tops and pants, make sure the party is for a short duration!

2. Restricts Blood Flow

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We all have that one skirt or pant that is difficult to fit in but relishes your curves like no other. While you might think the struggle is restricted till you have to take a breath in and put the zipper and button on, but the real struggle is when your body fights hard to circulate blood throughout your body because of the tight-binding on your waist (2).

3. Germs And Bacteria Can Enter Your Home

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You might be changing your sheets every day and using disinfectants in your room, but the moment you step out, you are entering a world full of germs and bacteria. Bacterias like Staphylococcus aureus cause inflammation in the body and are resistant to most medicines (3). Acinetobacter triggers your respiratory tract and causes breathing issues (4). While you might have the immunity to fight it and won’t get sick in an instant, there might be children and elderly at your home who have lower immunity and need to be protected from these germs.

4. It Causes Body Acne

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Acne is annoying no matter where it pops out. It can be on your arms, legs, and even back. Acne does not just pop out just because of oily food intake; it could be the result of your skin rubbing against dress materials as well (5). Synthetic clothing may be beautiful to look at, but they don’t let your skin breathe. This leads to breakouts and long-lasting acne scars that steal your confidence away.

5. The Sweat Can Accumulate In Pores

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When you are outdoors, you will definitely sweat more. If you don’t change your clothes after coming home and showering, they will further cause rashes and irritate your skin. This often leads to clogged pores that are not cleaned for long.

6. It Can Cause Stomach Problems

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Tight-pressed clothes do more than just make you uncomfortable. If your pants press against your abdomen too tightly, it could trigger digestive issues like acid reflux. Even if you have to wear something that conceals your tummy, make sure you loosen it before eating. Once you get back home, the first thing you have to do is open it and give your body some rest!

7. It Might Give You Allergy

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It is possible that your socks caught some pollens while you were walking on the grass, and now that it is shifted to your jeans, and if you don’t change as soon as you enter your home, there is a good chance it could latch on to your bed, and make you sneeze all night.

Now that you know that you should always change into clean clothes the moment you step in, the next question that arises is, what should you wear. We all know the struggle of changing back into something super comfortable and then having to ransack the whole wardrobe the moment you hear the doorbell. Well, just because they are home-wear does not mean they are not presentable! Here is a list of clothes you can change into, that are good enough for attending guests!

1. The Loungewear

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Loungewear helps you chill at home without being conscious about what you are wearing. You can wear a set of tie-dye joggers and a sweatshirt to stay comfy and stylish.

2. Oversized Jumper With Leggings

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There is nothing like leggings when flaunting a stylish silhouette. Pairing it with an oversized jumper will help you achieve a fashionable look without any fuss.

3. Leggings With Cami

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Now say it’s summer and you can’t pull off a sweatshirt. Well, that’s what camis are for! You can stay as comfortable as you want and when someone comes in, just slip a cardigan over it!

4. High Waist Joggers With Crop Tee

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We love crop tops. It is loose, trendy, and cotton! You can pair your crop T-shirts with high waist joggers and chill on the couch all day!

So now that you know the secret to looking good and being comfy, you can alter your wardrobe accordingly to wear clothes that do not harm you. For pointers, stick to moderately loose clothes made from breathable materials. Do you have any secrets when it comes to maintaining hygiene and comfort with your outfit? Let us know in the comments section below!

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