10 Reasons Why You Should Question Your Belief In Astrology

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Have you also waited all week long to get the Sunday Telegraph and read the “week ahead”? There is something about astrology that intrigues us to the core. Not just astrology, just tell a person you have a knack for palmistry, and you will see how quickly the stranger’s palms open up to you. We are not making judgments here, and it is always interesting to know what is to be expected in the upcoming days, months, or years, but what we want to know is, how much can we rely on Astrology? If you are a person who has read every book Linda Goodman has ever written, you might feel interested in challenging your thought process and asking yourself, should you let astrology be your complete guide to life? Let’s face it, there are logical arguments to everything but not everything is factual. We at Stylecraze made a list of reasons why one should question their belief in astrology before following it instinctively.

1. Astrology Has No Evidence

Astrology Has No Evidence
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If you look at how astrologers know what will happen to your life, they chart out planets and stars and then determine how these affect you independently. But then, with the same logic, astronauts have only discovered what can be called a drop in the ocean. We don’t even know how many planets, stars, and celestial bodies exist in space and how they can affect our life.

2. It Has Too Many Kinds

It Has Too Many Kinds
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Even if you want to believe in astrology, there is no one kind! Starting from Chinese, Tibetan, Burmese, Horary, Western, and Electional, there are too many, and each has some different future possibilities set for you to trust. Even though it is a sensitive topic, the point is if you believe in something, you should be acquainted with each fact to the core. But if you ask the believers to give concrete evidence, the claims are linked to superficial elements that are clearly man-made.

3. It Is A Psychological Game

It Is A Psychological Game
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Now think of this, if an astrologer looks at your horoscope and says, “I see you have had trouble in the past”, you automatically think of everything wrong that has happened to you in the past. It could be as bad as an accident, or as mere as getting your fingernail chipped. So before sailing into a trail of thoughts, ask your astrologer to be specific about the time and kind of hardship they are referring to.

4. Most People Get Conned By Astrologers

Most People Get Conned By Astrologers
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We are not saying every astrologer is a con man, but if you have read – An Astrologer’s Day by R.K Narayana, you will have enough reasons to believe so! It is very easy to tamper with your thought process if you are a firm believer in astrology. Imagine your astrologer being bribed to tell you that you should not marry the guy you like!

5. No Two Astrologers Say The Same Thing

Not Two Astrologers Say The Same Thing
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If you meet two astrologers on the same day, both will tell you generic things, and when you ask them to be particular, they will preach their own views. If you have doubts about what your astrologer says, make sure you take the opinions of other astrologers as well and then take the decision you want. This is also a sure way of knowing how pointless it is to get your stars to read. It is all about a hunch and assumptions at the end of the day.

6. Same Zodiac Is Too Generic

Same Zodiac Is Too Generic
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It is a very common misconception that the dominant traits present in a zodiac are strictly restricted to the individual. There is no die-hard rule that all Pisces are calm and all Leos are fiery! Being put in a zodiac and expected to have the same personality is so not true. Each person is different and even siblings born in the same month are entirely different from each other. So if you are Capricorn and your week ahead reads, you will fall in love; it does not mean you have to be on alert when every guy is walking past you!

7. It Can Affect Your Mind

It Can Affect Your Mind
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Every individual has their own way to react and incorporate what is said about them. Some tend to overthink and make a mountain out of a molehill but some simply brush it off like it’s nothing. However, if an astrologer tells you that there are harder times coming that can potentially hurt you or people around you, there is always an apprehension that floats around. Some con artists also use this trick to extract more money by suggesting superstitious solutions.

Reading something about your life can never go unnoticed or ignored. If your horoscope says you will meet with some disaster, you will think about it all the time and create a pessimistic aura for yourself. Doing so can also make your life more difficult and give way to stress and anxiety.

8. Astrology Is More Like An Addiction

Astrology Is More Like An Addiction
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Once you begin reading the astrological predictions, there is no going back. It feels more like a gamble to know what is to be expected. If you have read predictions before, you will see that they are very generic and don’t really speak to you. It is broadly written for the entire zodiac, which cannot hold true for everyone born in the same month!

9. It Could Make You Believe Less In Yourself

It Could Make You Believe Less In Yourself
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All is fine till it fills doubts in you about yourself. If you trust a third person to dictate what will happen to you or what you should do next, you are slowly emptying the driver’s seat of your life and letting someone else rule it. Doing so kills your self-esteem, and you begin to panic when you finally have to take things in your hand.

10. Astrology Doesn’t Solve Anything

Astrology Doesn't Solve Anything
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Even if you are an ardent believer in the horoscope predictions, reading them and knowing what will happen to you does not solve anything. You have to encounter the problem in real life to analyze how you can solve it.

So now that you know why exactly following astrology like a stone testament will affect you adversely, are you ready to gear up with confidence and take life as it comes? We admit it’s really tempting to check when you will get married or move abroad or how many children you will have, but that all is really in your hands. Make sure you put your real faith in yourself and don’t let any piece of information tamper with your life decisions.

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