7 Reasons Why Washing Your Face For 60 Seconds Twice A Day Is A Game Changer

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Since we all have been indoors for the past two years, the need to take care of ourselves has decreased. However, just because you are not stepping out, doesn’t mean your face is not accumulating dust particles. Trying to acquire a smooth glowing complexion might feel like it is rocket science. However, it is anything but that. You don’t need a constant supply of expensive tools and skincare products to maintain that glowing complexion. The secret to looking good and having skin that gleams is spending enough time on skincare. Lately, many experts have been advising people to wash their skin for 60 seconds, twice daily and there are a variety of reasons why they are advised so. Turns out that if you pay attention to your face and give it the attention it deserves, you’ll actually end up highly benefitting from it. Here are seven reasons why you should be setting aside those two minutes daily just to wash your face:

1. It Brings Out Your Natural Glow

It Brings Out Your Natural Glow
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It’s important that you use a natural cleanser to wash your face. No matter what your skin type is, you should not be using a super harsh cleanser on your face which might be full of chemically-charged ingredients. It also depends on your skin type. Even if you are someone who has oily skin and prefers using a deep cleansing face wash, it’s better to switch to a gentler one with natural ingredients while you’re following this skincare routine. Rather than washing your face for just fifteen seconds, wash it thoroughly for at least sixty seconds. Don’t worry about overworking your skin as the key is to get the grime out and later calm it down with serum and moisturizers to restore the lost hydration.

2. Clears Out Your Pores

Clears Out Your Pores
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Pore accumulation is the primary cause of pimples, acne, and other skin problems. Washing your face for at least sixty seconds can let the product seep into your pores and cleanse them out. In fact, it’s a smart idea to massage the product into your face rather than just quickly scrubbing the product into your face and washing it out. Massaging involves gentle circular motions and not hardcore rubbing. Do not use a washcloth, tissue, handkerchief or any other thing to wipe the face wash from your face.

3. The Face Wash Can Get Into Hard-to-reach Areas

The Face Wash Can Get Into Hard-to-reach Areas
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Many times, we forget to wash the sensitive parts of our face, and we may forget to clean around our nose, under-lip and other areas that tend to gather dirt and grime. When dead skin and bacteria collect on your face, they can cause blockages in your pores and other hard-to-reach areas. Washing your face with a face wash for 60 seconds can help get rid of the oil jammed into the corners of your lips and nose.

4. Makes Sure That You Use Your Fingers

Makes Sure That You Use Your Fingers
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Sure, some people prefer using a washcloth or even a brush or a light scrubber to wash their face. In order to successfully do this cleaning routine, you will have to get your fingers involved and scrub your face thoroughly. Using your fingers to massage the face wash into your face will help your skin breathe and improve the circulation of blood in your face. Hence, it’s a good idea to use your fingers to get the dead skin cells out. Remember to be gentle and not rub your skin until it’s red.

5. Helps Improve Blood Circulation To The Face

Helps Improve Blood Circulation To The Face
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With improved blood circulation, your skin will attain a healthy glow and remain taut for a longer period of time. However, if your skin might be feeling a little too tight after you’ve started following this cleansing routine, you might be over-cleansing. Over cleansing, your skin can lead to inflammation or dryness of the skin. It also propagates the speed of your wrinkles, appearing sooner than you expected. So while it is important to wash your face daily, make sure that you don’t go overboard and strip your skin of its natural oils, resulting in dullness.

6. Can Help Clear Blackheads

Can Help Clear Blackheads
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How annoying is it to see your nose filled with blackheads? It hinders with getting good close-up pictures too. Blackheads are super pesky and difficult to get rid of once they have decided to make your face their new home. Regular scrubbing and washing of your face cannot get rid of blackheads, and you usually require special tools or strips to get rid of them. You can also go to a salon and get a facial as those are usually pretty thorough. However, if you follow the sixty-second routine, you can actually skip out on going to the salon as often as you usually do. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t really enjoy facials and other people touching your face, then the sixty-second routine is perfect for you. You can also use nose strips before scrubbing your face.

7. Takes Less Than A Month To See Results

Takes Less Than A Month To See Results
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No big money involved, or time-wasting routines. You just need to wait for one month to see the results of this skincare routine. Many women online have been sharing their experiences with this skincare routine and have seen satisfactory results in less than 30 days! However, you have to ensure that you are super dedicated to the routine and that you do it every single day. Even if you’re out traveling or on the go, you should carry a travel-sized container of face wash to ensure that you keep your face clean.

Sticking to this simple two-step process will work wonders for your face, leaving it fresh and supple. Time is important because it allows you to scrub and reach every inch of your face, neck included. If you are using a cleanser, it needs to sit properly on your skin to deliver good results. Don’t forget to moisturize in the end because intense cleansing sometimes leads to dryness. If you have skin conditions like acne, be extra careful while massaging with your fingertips slowly. All it takes is 120 seconds every day and a dedicated skincare regimen. Do let us know if the sixty-second face wash rule worked for you in the comment section down below.

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