5 Things That Happen When You Stop Grooming Down There

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A hairy appearance feels quite Neanderthal-ish – agreed. But shaving the hair off everywhere, even on your genitals, isn’t a wise decision. Hair is one of the distinguishing characteristics of mammals, and it is there for a reason. Considering the advantages of body hair, precisely, pubic hair is important before you decide to take it off each time it grows. Understanding the purpose of hair down under will also help you take a stance in this Should Shave Vs Shouldn’t Shave dichotomy. Read these 5 reasons you should stop grooming there and start going au naturel.

 1. You Are Protecting The Part

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The fundamental purpose served by hair is protection. So, what are pubes protecting you from? The hair down under protects you from various kinds of bacterial and viral infections (1). Your genitals are always moist, and this kind of environment can become a breeding ground for germs. That is exactly what pubes are for. They form a sheath and save your female part from unwanted pathogenic intervention. If you have been removing it off for “hygienic” reasons, this information should be an eye opener for you. It just needs some water and a mild soap to keep the area clean and not blades and wax strips. Plus, there’s this advantage of avoiding physical impact. Pubes tend to work as shock absorbers and protect your female part when you indulge in activities like cycling or even horse riding. It reduces the chances of injury down there.

 2. You Are Not Causing Irritation To The Skin

 Remember, women. You are using a BLADE on the skin. Though not apparent to the naked eye, every time you use the blade on your bush, you are naively causing microscopic cuts on the vaginal skin. These cuts get inflamed and increase the vulnerability of your already sensitive part. Also, the itch. Repeated use of razors irritates the skin up to the extent that it gets itchy and uncomfortable. A survey on pubic hair removal says that a staggering 80.3% of women had reported genital itching after removing the hair there (2). Don’t you think it is time you ditched the razor and the itch for good? Also, if you choose alternative hair removal techniques like waxing, there is still the same danger of irritation and injury.

 3. You Are Avoiding Friction

 There’s always the risk of friction in between the legs, and it is an added discomfort if you are a bit bulky and curvaceous (not that anything else about your bulk and curves is a problem AT ALL.) However, if you know what I mean, these pubes, in fact, offer more lubrication than the empty ground could possibly offer. There’s slightly more sweat produced, but that is only going to lessen the friction there. You do not have to worry about the rash and can stop obsessing over that thigh gap.

 4. You Are Maintaining The Temperature Of The Part

 Another reason mammals are hairy is to save themselves from temperature shifts. Hair, apart from cushioning, also maintains a constant temperature. In cold countries or on cold days in otherwise hot countries, hair over there helps you keep the genitals warm and cozy. That’s about winters, but the hair’s got some purpose in the heat too. The glands in your pubic hair follicles secrete oily substances, which not only lubricate but also cool the area down. So, your takeaway here is that it simply regulates the temperature and maintains the much-needed homeostasis.

 5. You Are Making It A Lot More Oomphalicious

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That sounds contrary to the accepted myth that removing the pubic hair makes you look sexy. While the matter of preference is something between you and your sexual partner, there’s a little piece of unsolicited advice I’d like to give you which is based on firm medical acknowledgment. Not many women confess, but it is an open truth that their partner’s sweat turns them on more than even the most seductive of perfumes. The perfumeries have used this to their fullest advantage and went over to use human sweat notes in certain niche perfumes. That’s grossly erotic, ain’t it? What you need to realize is that your pubic hair helps you sweat down there and with the sweat is produced these coquettish pheromones, and there lies all the oomph. So, to have or not is now your decision, for, the ball is now in your court (no pun intended.)

From the age of the apes, time’s changed, and lifestyle has changed too. Yet, some primal needs like acceptance from the opposite sex and mechanisms like temperature regulation have remained static and unchanged. Although during puberty and the menstrual cycles, these wiry pubes cause slight discomfort, remember that in the long run, it is going to cause you more good than harm. It is time to break the taboos and the silence associated with pubic hair. Talk it off with your doctor if need be and also with your partner. Ask yourself, “why do I remove my pubic hair, is it for the aesthetics or does keeping them actually make me feel more comfortable and safe?” Have any of the above reasons urged you to stop shaving or waxing down there or have they at least set you thinking? Feel free to comment below and let me know your take on this.

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