9 Reasons Why Your Big Sister Is The Most Important Woman In Your Life

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There’s absolutely no denying it – the bond between sisters is a special one. Yes, she can make your life hell at times, but she’s also the one whose attention you always craved growing up. For most younger sisters, their elder sister isn’t simply a role model (whether they consciously admit to it or not!), she’s also their biggest critic and oldest best friend. Oh, and how could we ever forget – their fiercest defender in the whole wide world!

An elder sister can make you cry tears of frustration and also tears of joy. So, in this spirit, we’ve compiled 9 reasons to remind you just why she’s the most special woman in your life!

1. She Is Your Most Loyal And True Friend

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She’s been there since you arrived from the hospital, and she’s witnessed every major milestone in your life – from your first words, first period, first crush, and even your first heartbreak. And while she too struggled with her share of teenage angst and tantrums, when you needed her – whether it was for a shoulder to cry on or high heels to sneak out – she was always there.

2. She Helped You Find Your Sense Of Fashion

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Admit it already – she was the one who helped you develop your sense of fashion! Growing up, you’d always sneak into her closet, which made her furious. But, at the same time, she also gave you cute outfits she’d outgrow while simultaneously being your most objective (thus helpful) fashion critic. Unlike mom who always thought you looked “lovely” and “perfect,” your elder sister was the one who taught you that neon colors don’t suit your skin tone, and, yes, those tights do not flatter your derriere at all. Got to love her brutal honesty!

3. She Knows Just How To Deal With Your Family

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When you messed up with your parents, it was your big sister you turned to. No matter what the problem may be, she knew just how to ride the storm out and lead you to smoother waters with the fam! Let’s just say she always was, and always will be, your most experienced wing woman.

4. She Is The One You Can Pour Your Heart Out To

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When it comes to talking with your elder sister, there are no taboos or restrictions. You know you don’t have to impress her and tread lightly. When you’re on the phone with her, you can cut the crap and head straight into what it is that’s been on your mind – no matter how trivial, inappropriate, or wrong it may be! With her, you never have to maintain an image for she’s well-versed with all your flaws. So, when you most need to ugly cry, your sister is the person you have on speed dial.

5. She Is The Go-To Person For Cool Music, Movies, And Trends

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She was the one who first introduced you to fake hair, mindless teenage romance novels, and boy bands. But, she was also the one to wean you off fake hair, mindless teenage romance novels, and boy bands! With age, her tastes matured and she always ensured you were in on the know. Which meant, when it came to your peers, you were always miles ahead in following trends!

6. She Is More Tolerant Of Your Bad Habits

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Since the two of you have grown up together, it’s safe to say, she knows you in and out, warts and all. She knows just how your toilet is messy, your wardrobe is a wreck, and how you have the horrid habit of leaving dirty dishes in the sink for ages. She also knows your horrible taste in music and how much you like to burp after chugging soda. And she can tolerate most of it because she loves you! (And, of course, she’s had years to reconcile with it.)

7. She Doesn’t Sugar-Coat Any Truths

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She may love you, but she doesn’t have any problem in giving you the cold, hard truth. And it’s all because, at the end of the day, how much ever bitter a medicine honesty may be, it is the medicine to bring out the best in you – the person she cares about the most. So, if you’re needing a reality check, you can always expect your big sister to deliver it for you. And you usually love her for it. (With time, of course.)

8. She Always Makes You Feel Welcome

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There’s no other way to say it – she’s home. No matter what time of the year or day it may be, her door is always open for you. And she always has time for you; rain or shine, she’s there when you need her!

9. She Always Has The Right Words

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When you’re hurt or low, your significant other, close friends, and even parents will offer words of comfort or encouragement, but it’s your big sister who always possesses the magical words to chase all your blues away! You don’t know how she does it, but she just always knows the right thing to say when you’re at your worst.

Elder sisters are the greatest gift your parents could bestow you with. If you happen to agree, do let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this post with loved ones!

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