Meet The Woman Who Has Never Cut Her Hair

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Personally speaking, it’s actually impossible for me to grow my hair long. I mean, come on, who will do all the managing? And I guess so is the case with most women out there.

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But not with Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell, the 43-year-old lady (you can also call her the Rapunzel if you want) who has grown her hair to unimaginable lengths (and has inspired her daughters to follow suit).

When I say ‘unimaginable lengths’, you better believe it. Tere’s hair has grown a mind-boggling (and hair-boggling as well) 74 inches.

Yes, you read that right.

Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

No. Not at all.

And guess what? Her daughters aren’t far behind. Callan’s hair reaches 37 inches, Cendalyn’s locks measure up to 36 inches, and Chesney’s tresses are no less than 27 inches.

Like mother, like daughters. Indeed.

The total length comes to 13 feet – and that’s the average height of an African elephant.

But How On Earth Can Anyone Wash Such Long Hair?

Valid point, my friend.

Seriously, who would have the time (and patience) to wash such lengthy tresses? Unless, otherwise, it’s Tere and her daughters!

The first time she attempted to wash her hair in the shower, Tere says, she was on the floor in no time as her hair got so heavy.

To make your own hair mask, watch this video:

I never knew your own hair could bring you down to your knees.

Tere’s daughters use a quarter of a bottle of conditioner each time they wash their hair. And yes, their hair washing process is a challenge indeed.

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But all that is just a small price to pay for getting what all they have got – several blue ribbons at the fair in their home state of Illinois (Who knew people held such contests too?).

So Will They Keep Growing Their Hair For Life?

Yes. Except for Chesney.

The little girl expresses her interest in having her hair cut by 10 inches. (I am only happy for her!)

And her mother Tere is completely okay with it. She also states that she won’t force her daughters to grow their hair forever.

“It’s not going to be my decision; it’s going to be theirs,” Tere says.

Watch Tere’s hair tale in her own words:

Growing long hair is indeed an insanely challenging task. But not for these Rapunzel-like ladies!

Here are a few natural remedies to increase your hair growth:

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Let their light .. err .. let their hair shine,

And last till the end of time.

Image Credit: Barcroft/YouTube

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