13 Women Get Honest About What They Find Unattractive In Men

By Niharika Nayak

Social media is a great place to share information and opinions on the internet. One such platform is Reddit, where users can anonymously post opinions and views. It’s also a platform that has threads where one can engage in constructive criticism with the original posters. More than twenty women decided to get honest about what they found unattractive in men on one such thread. Of course, we aren’t trying to make anybody feel bad, but then there are certain habits that can be turn-offs, and it’s better to know about them. To all the men out there, the person you’re dating might also resonate with these opinions, so why not go through them and know in advance than be sorry later. So here are thirteen anonymous responses to what women find unattractive in men:

1. Lack Of Hygiene


“Something that has to be the biggest turn-off for me, if I’m being frank. I just feel like adults need to make it a point to stay as hygienic as possible. You’ve lived on this planet long enough, right? I’ve thankfully not had the pleasure of interacting with too many unhygienic men, but it’s something that should be a basic rule. Proper hygiene is the bare minimum that I would ask of someone, be it a date or even just an acquaintance.”

2. Being Arrogant


“Arrogance is not a virtue. A dude being arrogant or rude towards me totally puts me off and will instantly earn them a red flag in my books. I think everyone should be kind in all situations, and it’s better to keep your cool than throw rude words around and act all high and mighty. Handling oneself well even in tough situations shows the person’s true nature after all.”

3. Being Unnecessarily Aggressive


“I don’t understand why some guys like to be unnecessarily aggressive. It is such immature behavior and does not look good in anybody’s books. And it’s more off-putting when the aggression is for a show of dominance. Save the aggression for when you’re challenging your friends to a video game!”

4. Mocking Guys Who Show Emotion


“It’s not cute to make fun of others. If you’re above the age of 18 and are still going around teasing or bullying other men over something as minuscule as showing emotions, then you clearly lack maturity. People are often going through so much, and it’s totally not okay for someone to come and just mock them when they are feeling down. Hate to be harsh, but that’s the bitter truth of it.”

5. Being Nice To Whom They Find Attractive But Rude To Others


“Just because she isn’t your cup of tea does not mean that you have to be rude to her. I’ve dealt with so many men who were rude to women just because they weren’t conventionally attractive. Some in high school went so far as to bully and pick on them just because they didn’t think they were cute. Hate dudes who behave that way.”

6. Not Able To Handle Rejection


“If I say no doesn’t mean you have to be super rude to me afterward. And those men who do this, please learn to take no for an answer the first time around. Your favorite Bollywood hero may like to do things that way, but this isn’t reel but real life for you to copy stuff.”

7. Not Taking Care Of Themselves


“Self-care is very important. If you are someone who refuses to take care of yourself mentally and physically, you will never be happy with yourself. Save some time to indulge in some of your favorite activities every now and then. Give yoga a try. Just relax and unwind every now and then.”

8. Any Cruelty Towards Animals


“Cruelty to animals is no Bueno. If there is one thing that I cannot tolerate, it’s a guy being an absolute jerk to innocent animals. If you’re someone who enjoys hurting or teasing animals, then you and I can never be friends, let alone date.”

9. Being Dishonest Or Disloyal


“Being a disloyal person after you reach a certain age is simply ridiculous. You need to get your priorities in check if you are someone who is a compulsive liar or a consistent cheater. Your tricks will only work for a short while before you drive away plenty of people around you.”

10. Not Apologizing Genuinely


“If you mumble your apologies, don’t look me in the eye when you apologize or repeat the same behavior multiple times, then I know that your apology was not genuine. It’s okay to feel embarrassed or sad about being wrong, but what’s not okay is being rude and not apologizing.”

11. Rejecting All Things Feminine As A Way To Prove Their Manhood


“Look, just because you’re wearing pink doesn’t mean that you are feminine or gay or any other ridiculous gender-shaming stereotype that gets thrown around. Rejecting all things feminine is really ridiculous, and we don’t understand why you feel like anything feminine is embarrassing. Rock that baby pink polo; I bet it will end up being your color.”

12. Constantly Flexing Their Wealth


“Okay, we get that you are rich and were born out of generational wealth. Do you have anything else to offer besides money? Like a personality, maybe? It’s really ridiculous how many dudes out there think that flexing their wealth will help them land a girl. This just gives into the stereotypes that women already have to deal with.”

13. Refusing To See Women As Equals


“Not seeing women as equals is the biggest red flag I can find in a man. How will I ever have a healthy relationship if my partner refuses to see me as an equal to him? We both have jobs and can provide for ourselves, so I don’t see a reason why some men cannot fathom me as an equal.”

There you have it, some pointers to know what turns women off. While we’re at it, we can’t help but observe that many of these behaviors and habits are unattractive in all humans regardless of whether they are males or females. If reading this makes you realize that you’ve been doing certain things the wrong way, and are willing to bring about a change, kudos to you! Acceptance is the first step towards changing one’s habits and ways. Do let us know if you agree with the opinions of these anonymous social media users in the comment section below.

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