8 Of The Worst Food For Weight Loss

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If there’s anything that we feel overwhelmed about in the past few years, it has to be the sudden realization of the importance of being healthy and fit amongst us lazy humans (well, most of us are lazy. Let’s admit to that). From different kinds of workout techniques like Zumba, CrossFit, and intense outdoor workouts, there are regimes that have been coined to suit our body’s strength and ability. You can suddenly find that almost every street in your city has a fitness or wellness center now, isn’t it? Whilst we’re witnessing a boom in the fitness world, there’s another realization amongst us too — the consciousness with respect to eating healthy in order to lose weight and stay in shape. And to help us achieve that we have an array of diets to choose from a low-carb diet, keto diet, intermittent fasting, etc.

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We all have a general idea about the unhealthy foods that we need to avoid in order to lose weight, don’t we? And that idea revolves around foods like pizza, gelato, desserts, ice cream sundaes, deep-fried foods, burgers, etc. And thanks to social media awareness, most of us have also become aware of a list of healthy foods that helps us become leaner and healthier. When your friend says, “Hey, I’ve heard this food aids weight loss and has zero percentage of fats and carbohydrates in it!” You blindly go to the nearest supermarket and buy it.

What we need to realize dear friends, is that not all foods masqueraded as “healthy” deliver what they claim. Your favorite healthy foods themselves might be sabotaging your weight loss process. Scroll down to find out which ones they are.

1.  Fruit Juices

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We all consider fresh fruit juices to be healthy, and why won’t we? It’s fresh, colorful, natural, and healthy with no preservatives. Here’s what the truth is — they are a sugar bomb! Yes, just one glass of your favorite fruit’s juice can contain hundreds of calories, and it won’t even leave you feeling tummy full. Eating a whole fruit is better, as fruit’s skin provides us with fiber, and also helps us feel full.

2.   Pita Chips

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If you thought these chips to be the healthier alternative to your favorite nachos? Think again! Pita chips, in reality, are mostly made out of refined grains. And consuming too much refined grains exposes you to diabetes, heart problems, and also weight gain.

3.   Nutrition Bars

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These bars are like the fashion trend in the world of healthy, aren’t they? Everybody kind of shows off their nutrition bar collection compared to the showing off an exquisite chocolate collection which they swore by earlier (giggles). But these bars, sometimes, can have as many calories and fat as your favorite chocolate bar. And let’s not forget how expensive these bars are. Stick to eating cut vegetables and fruits instead if you have a problem of constantly munching onto something.

4.   Seasoning Salts

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When it comes to spiking the taste of our low-calorie superfood meals, we resort to seasoning salts, don’t we? But don’t forget that these salts are extremely high in sodium content and using them every day and pose the problem of high blood pressure. Therefore, if you long for adding flavors to your dish, make use of fresh herbs.

5.   Multigrain Bread

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Most of us avoid using white bread but have no problem gobbling down two loaves of multigrain bread in a week. Yes, all those peppy grains on the loaves make it look healthy. But, please consider this fact that a majority of the multigrain breads are made of refined flour too. Therefore, make sure to check the ingredient labels or with your local baker before buying and indulging in one.

6.   Colorful Sports Drink

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It’s natural to feel thirsty after a good workout sesh. But if you have the habit of grabbing a colorful sports drink to quench your thirst, you need to get rid of that habit. They are artificial at the end of the day, right? Therefore, switch to drinking infused water instead. It will quench your thirst better!

7.   Chia Seeds

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This was a shocker for us too when we found out! If we eat too much of it every single day, you’ll gain weight! Therefore, count your calorie intake even when you’re eating chia seeds.

8.   Protein Shakes

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If you are looking for building muscle, you can grab one. But if you’re looking for weight loss, a protein shake a day can help load you with the same number of calories you’ve been working while working out.

At the end of the day, it’s all about eating clean and eating in moderation. Trust us; moderation in eating is the key to weight loss. Which of the above-mentioned foods came as a shocker for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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