Every Night, Wrap Your Stomach With A Plastic Foil: Here Is What You Will Achieve!

Written by Ravi Teja Tadimalla, Professional Certificate In Food, Nutrition & Health  • 

Let me ask you something.

What would you do if you have a party tomorrow, and you are unable to fit into your favorite jeans?

You can do one of the two things – forget the possibility of you partying, or grab a plastic wrap.

No, that wasn’t a typo.

Wondering what a mere plastic wrap can do overnight? Well, nothing much – except for making you lighter by a couple of pounds. And if that’s going to help you rock your party and grab the limelight, then nothing like it.

Sounds like a get-slim-quick scheme? Go ahead and check out what this trending overnight-weight-loss technique has to offer, and you will know it for yourself!

What You Need

  • A skin lotion (it would be great if it contains seaweed)
  • A clear plastic wrap
  • A bandage wrap
  • And some patience

What You Must Do

  1. Take a generous amount of the lotion and apply it over the areas you want to target. These can be your stomach, thighs, upper arms – so to say, wherever on your body you have ‘trouble brewing’.
  1. Make sure you are not rubbing the lotion in completely. And make sure you are applying a thick layer of the lotion on your trouble spots.
  1. Wrap the entire area with the plastic wrap. You can go about wrapping around your mid-section (and other areas) a number of times. But remember this – keep the wrap snug, not tight. You need to go to bed with it.
  1. Now comes the bandage – wrap the bandage around the plastic wrap to keep it in place. Ensure the bandage covers the plastic wrap completely.

The process is so simple that you might wonder if it would even work at all. But hey, it does.

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How Does It Work?

It works on the principle of excessive sweating, owing to the thick layer of lotion that is applied and the closely wrapped plastic foil. This excessive sweating causes short-term weight loss (it is only the weight of water that is getting reduced from your body). You might lose 1 or 2 pounds by the next day, and the change might last for a couple of days.

When Should This Be Done?

In the night, before going to bed.

Yay! So I Can Do This Every Night And Get A Fit Body?

Just. Stop. Right. There.

You might hate me for saying this, but I actually don’t mind. You can go to bed with the wrap, but don’t expect to wake up and look like the next Pamela Anderson.

It’s not going to happen that way. If you want to have a fit body and ripped abs, hit the gym and sweat it out, buddy.

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But I Have Seen People Having A Toned Body After Starting To Use The Wrap

It’s because they are also maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. This wrap might be a supplement to your workout routine, but definitely not a replacement.

Yes. You heard me right. Definitely not a replacement.

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Anything Else To Be Kept In Mind?

Three things, basically.

One, excessive sweating comes with its own set of dangers. Firstly, it causes dehydration. Secondly, it does not dry (remember the thick layer of lotion and the closely wrapped plastic wrap?) and stays on the body, elevating the body temperature to undesirable levels.

Two, you are wrapping your body with plastic. Let me put that again – plastic. And when was the last time you heard plastic was safe? I guess not in a billion years.

Plastic has a terrible habit – it leaches harmful stuff into your body and does ‘things’ to your body; things you and I – or anybody – wouldn’t want to know.

And three, like already discussed, most people who are satisfied with the results of a body wrap are also the ones who eat a sensible diet and exercise regularly.

So if anybody thinks a mere plastic wrap can give them the body of their dreams, they can go ahead and do stand-up comedy.

O.M.G. That’s Scary.

Phew. I am glad you realized that.

So A Big NO To Plastic Wraps?

Maybe not.

As long as you don’t think plastic wraps are magical rags designed by the Gods to eliminate humanity’s ‘fat’ troubles, you can use them.

But on a serious note – a plastic wrap does provide a temporary solution. But that is what it is – temporary. For lasting results, you got to have a proper diet and do regular exercise.

Hmmm. Any Cautions?

Oh yes.

Pregnant women, and people who have cardiac problems, hypertension and varicose veins – please stay away from this at any cost. It might have adverse effects on you.

And to all others – to be on the safe side, please consult your doctor before you do anything.

Plastic wrap or no plastic wrap, good food and regular workouts are a must. Pssstt..but if you want to fit into those tight jeans by tomorrow, mm..maybe you can try it!

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