7 Yoga Poses To Keep Your Breasts Firm And Fabulous

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It’s time to fetch your yoga mats from the attic and start practising a few easy postures of yoga to keep your breasts in shape. If you are in your early thirties, you would certainly be missing the firm and fab breasts you had in your early twenties. Just practice these seven poses, and you are done!

1. Warrior Pose

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Veerabhadrasana or the warrior pose opens your chest as well as your hips and groins, and is a great stress reliever. Keep your legs apart and bend one knee slightly, keeping the foot straight at a 90-degree angle. The other leg should be stretched backwards without any bending. Keep your hands stretched and straight. Fix your stare straight ahead. Take a few breaths and repeat with the other leg at least 10 times. Since it opens up your chest, a regular practice of this pose would prevent sagging of the breasts.

2. Triangle Pose

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Trikonasana (triangle pose) is to be done by placing your feet at least three to four feet apart, depending on the length of your legs. Remember that your feet, ankles, and kneecaps should be in proper alignment. Extend your left foot at 90 degrees outward and right foot at 15 degrees. Stretch your back, and try to touch your left toes with your right fingers so that both the hands form a straight line. Lift the arches of your feet while rooting down to hold your ankles with your face up. Make sure not to bend your knees or backbone. Once your body attains more flexibility, you may place your entire palm flat on the ground and hold it like that for a few minutes longer. This extended lateral stretch helps expand your chest and shoulders and gives you firmer breasts.

3. Cobra Pose

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Lie down on your belly and slowly inhale deeply. Try to push your upper torso backwards till you lift your groin, balancing your body on your stretched arms aligned straight with the palms pressed on the ground. Your entire body now balances on your legs and hands, which are also duly stretched in the process. Push your head backwards and look up. Slowly exhale while coming down to resume position again. Repeat this exercise many times and slowly increase the duration of each repeat. This intense backbend known as Bhujangasana or cobra pose, with the raised hood depicting the style of a cobra, expands your chest and also helps stretch your pectoral muscles.

4. Bow Pose

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Dhanurasana is an excellent pose for keeping your breasts in shape. After lying on your belly with your hands up, slowly exhale and draw both your legs towards your buttocks. Try to grab your ankles with your hands. Now, slowly inhale, pulling your ankles away from your buttocks. Your thighs would also be lifted from the ground. Your shoulder blades would be firmly pressed against your back. This basic bend stretches your entire body, especially along the chest line.

5. Bridge Pose

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Sethubandhasana or the bridge pose helps you stretch your chest and tighten your breasts. After lying flat on your back, bend your legs and keep them wide apart. Keep the palms of your straight hands firmly down to support your body while you slowly raise the middle of your body and form an arch like a bridge. You may also choose to lock your palms, but that is recommended only after you gain some expertise.

6. Shirshasana

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Shirshasana or headstand is not meant for beginners at all. In the squatting posture, bend your head to keep it on your interlocked fingers. Slowly straighten your knees to form a deep U. Carefully draw your feet to the ceiling pointing them upward, one after the other. Exhale. You may inhale and try to straighten your back till your whole body is aligned. After that, you may breathe regularly. This posture helps to pull your breasts downward – the opposite of sagging – and makes your muscles stronger.

7. Viparita Karini

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This deeply relaxing state is called the legs-up-the-wall pose or Viparita Karani, and is often done at the end of the yogic exercise, just before the savasana (whole body relaxation). Once you push your buttocks towards the wall, slowly straighten both legs, resting the weight against the walls. Your palms should be open and relaxed outwards. You may also use a bolster to balance yourself, especially if you are a beginner. Practice this for 10 minutes.

Breasts are the most important part of a woman, physically and psychologically. Apart from choosing and using the right-sized bra and maintaining personal hygiene and perfect posture (for example, avoid slouching, or lying only on one side throughout the night), do the poses mentioned above regularly for a younger, better, confident, and beautiful you.

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