Did You Know That You Can Detox Your Body Through Your Feet?

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As we go about the hustle and bustle of daily life, there are certain unwanted side effects our hectic schedules have to offer, which have a tendency to accumulate in our sacred havens (read: bodies) over time. And these so-called side effects are none other than the universally despised ‘toxins.’ After Trump, racism, and slow internet, toxins are probably the most hated of phenomena by the present-day millennials.

And we’ve tried everything under the sun to eliminate them from our bodies – from drastic diets, famishing fasts, organic obsessions, colon cleansing and chelation therapy crazes, and even the removal of dental fillings! There hasn’t been a desperate measure yet that the 21st century hasn’t taken in the name of detoxification. And some of these interventions aren’t just borderline unhealthy. When the magical spell (read: delusion) cast from the preaching of juice (and worse, water) fast veterans clears, we have to admit it – the prospect of depriving our bodies the fuel it needs to survive is downright dangerous and crazy.

So, what does a well-intentioned, toxin-hating millennial do next? They start listening to the wisdom of the ancestors! And one effective and low-risk detoxification process comes to us from the ancient system of Chinese reflexology, where the feet are considered as having ‘innate energy zones,’ which happen to be linked to different vital organs in our body. So, basically, you could detoxify your entire body right from your very feet! The following are a few age-old simple ways in which you could go about detoxifying your feet.

1. Foot Detox Pads

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Detox pads are a product that are available in just about every health store worth its salt. Once you’ve purchased them, all that you require to do is simple: Apply them to your feet before you head to bed, and leave them on for the entire night. Then, once morning arrives, remove them and, voilà! You’ve undergone a good 6-8 hours’ worth of detoxification and blissfully slept through it all!

2. Ionic Foot Baths

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Another ancient detoxification remedy is the celebrated ‘ionic foot bath.’ This method is founded on the process of ‘electrolysis,’ which is a technique that involves the uses of charged ions in order to produce a subsequent chemical reaction.

Experts recommend that if you’re opting for an ionic foot bath, you must utilize warm water so that your pores can open and the salt agent is allowed to act as an astringent with anti-inflammatory properties. During this process, the ions will be absorbed through your feet, and if your bath water happens to change color, i.e. become darker, then this indicates the detoxification process was successful and that you’re toxin-free! The following are a few different forms of the bath that you can opt for upon your preference:

A. Salt Detox Foot Bath

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What You Will Require:
  • Epsom salt x 1 cup
  • Sea salt x 1 cup
  • Baking soda x 2 cups
  • Apple cider vinegar x ½ cup
  • Optional – essential oils
  • Bring a pot of water to boil and add all the salts and baking soda, so that they can dissolve.
  • Now, fill your foot tub with warm water and pour in your salt and baking soda solution, the essential oils, and apple cider vinegar into the tub.
  • Pop your feet in and soak for approximately 30 minutes.

Post your foot bath, you may experience some weakness and exhaustion. But don’t be alarmed as this is natural. Additionally, besides detoxifying your body, the salt detox foot bath will also alleviate any irritations of the skin and boost your body’s magnesium levels.

B. Clay Detox Foot Bath

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What You Will Require:
  • Epsom salt x ½ cup
  • Bentonite clay x ½ cup
  • Optional – essential oils

• Fill your foot tub with warm water and dissolve your Epsom salts. Once the salts have dissolved, add in your essential oils.
• Now, add in the clay into the bath solution, and ensure while mixing that you do not make use of a metal spoon.
• Next place your feet into the bath water and soak for a minimum of 20 minutes per session.

The clay detox foot bath will also help detoxify your body and increase your internal magnesium levels.

C. Oxygen Detox Foot Bath

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What You Will Require:
  • Hydrogen peroxide x 2 cups
  • Ginger powder (dried) x 1 tbsp.
  • Fill your foot tub with hot water and add the ginger as well as the hydrogen peroxide to it. Ensure that they’ve dissolved.
  • Once the bath solution has a smooth consistency and the water temperature isn’t too hot, pop your feet in and soak for up to 30 minutes per session.

Besides detoxifying your body, the oxygen detox foot bath will also soothe you internally and prevent various irritations and allergies!

Detoxification can be a daunting process, but with these simple, hassle-free methods you can expel those pesky toxins from your body without having to resort to drastic measures. Please share this article with family and friends you think could use a little detoxification themselves!

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