How Your Body Knows You’ve Found “The One”

Written by Chandrama Deshmukh  • 

Heart skipping a beat

Music playing in the heavens

Butterflies in your tummy

These may all sound like hackneyed, cheesy movie lines – and we know better, right ladies? Wrong. When it comes to spotting Mr. Right, it’s not simply your heart that has bragging rights. Little did you know, but your body is apparently a Yoda at true love as well. Indeed, if Prince Charming is close by, it could possibly manifest in a very physical and tangible way. So, if you’ve been scouring up the Internet to search if he’s the one and spending hours on compatibility quizzes (but all you’ve figured out is his Disney prince identity), give Facebook a break and tune into what your body has to say instead. Here are the messages your body may be leaving you to tell you this is true love:

 1. A Warmth

You feel warmer, softer, and more open when he’s around. Your friends comment on how warmer your voice gets when you’re on the phone with him even though it’s way past the honeymoon stage of your relationship. How else to put it – if being in the same room with him is equivalent to sipping hot chocolate on a cold night, then girl, he’s a keeper.

2. Budding Optimism

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You’ve been appreciating the feel of the sun on your skin. The hustle and bustle of the city doesn’t seem so much of a chaos as it did before. Even the rain that once was a pest seems almost pleasant these days, because look there, you just spotted a rainbow, and it made you smile. If people have been accusing you of being an optimist, and if you’re happier and noticing things like the weather (for crying out loud), well, you’re in l-o-v-e.

3. Surge Of Motivation

Unlike your past relationships, he doesn’t drain you of energy. In fact, he rejuvenates you – replenishes you with all the positive vibes you lost during the course of the long day. He re-energizes you with the desire to do more. Be more. Until you feel you could achieve that which you once believed was impossible.

4. Freedom To Be You

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Around him, you are the bare, stripped-to-the-core you. You’ve finally found a man who isn’t only aware of all your flaws but also doesn’t judge you for them. In fact, he likes you despite them. Sometimes, you wonder if he’s in love with you because of them.

5. The Scent-Stimuli Hypothesis

It is said our sense of smell is the greatest of our five senses in terms of eliciting an emotion. If your man’s scent is one that evokes happiness or even love, girl, your body has spoken. When it all boils down to it, we are simply animals!

6. Healthier Choices

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He makes you want to be the best version of you. Being with him, you’ve begun to make healthier life decisions. You haven’t been coerced. You haven’t been shamed. You’ve intrinsically wanted to be better simply because you’ve subconsciously discovered an unconditional support, and you want to grant him his wish – your happiness.

7. A Woman’s Intuition

Though it isn’t the most scientific way to go about it, there aren’t any other ways to say it. When you know, you just know.

8. Empowering Empathy

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If he is hurting, you are hurting. If he is happy, so are you. When you’re in love, your emotions simply sync. If the thought of your man in pain can nearly physically affect you, you’re probably meant to be.

9. Err, Aroused.

Hot damn. If after all these years together he’s still making you, well, wanting to jump into bed with him, then this is biology screaming: YOU LOVE HIM. Yes, biology writes in all caps.

10. Cuddle Connection

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People can heavily underestimate how telling a cuddle can be. Cuddles are a great sign of intimacy, and if cuddle time with him almost evokes the sensation of coming home… then, who are you kidding woman? This is your soul mate.

11. The Calm He Brings

Your one true love should be your center of calm in the oasis of chaos that is the world. If he does that for you, this is your half.

12. The Echoes He Leaves

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Even when you leave him, your body remembers him. You can still recall his touch, the sensations he drew from you. If even after months, he is evoking such a strong response in his absence, your body is trying to remind you – we need to be with him.

13. One Word – Need

There is a physical wanting, a need akin to a dull throbbing you feel if he isn’t around. This longing doesn’t just spring from your soul or your mind but your body too. Emotions elicit physical responses as well.

If you’re still underestimating the possibility of having a soulmate or your body’s intrinsic recognition, then let Plato (read: wise man) be your parting words:

 “According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.”

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