15 Scrumptious Varieties Of Mangoes In India And Where You Can Find Them

by Niharika Nayak

If there’s one way to beat the harsh Indian summers, it’s by eating mangoes. This delicious fruit is native to South Asia and much loved by people in not just India, but across the world. The exotic fruit has spread worldwide and the health benefits it possesses surpasses many other “exotic” fruits. While Alphonso mangoes are the most popular, expensive, and delicious mangoes that we know of, there are plenty of others that are equally yummy, if not tastier. There is a reason that the mango is called the king of fruits and has earned the title of India’s national fruit. The delightful flavors, scrumptious pulp, and refreshing taste are known for being unique and incredibly yummy. So if you’ve ever wondered about the different types of mangoes across the country, we have a list of fifteen super delicious varieties of mangoes that you must try this summer:

1. Kesar Mangoes: Gujarat


Kesar mangoes are called such, due to their unique saffron appearance and delicious taste. They have a very distinct sweet taste and are often referred to as the “Queen of Mangoes” Kesar mangoes are found in the Western state of Gujarat and are extremely popular in that region. They are often used to make souffle and puddings.

2. Chausa Mangoes: Uttar Pradesh

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The small town of Hardoi is known to be a proper hotspot for those who love mangoes. This is because Hardoi is famous for a type of mango called, Chausa. The place is located around 112 km away from the city of Lucknow and is easily accessible by road. Chausa is known for having a mind-blowing aroma and a bright yellow color.

3. Safeda Mangoes: Andhra Pradesh


Safeda or Banganpali mangoes are a popular fruit that is present in several different regions of Andhra Pradesh. This type of mango is extremely popular in South India and has a delicious meaty texture and firm skin. It also lacks fiber and is deliciously sweet. Safeda Mango is also known to be rich in Vitamin C and A and is hence great for your health.

4. Totapuri Mangoes: Karnataka


Totapuri mangoes are a staple in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore. They are grown in and around the city and its neighboring districts and are medium-sized, and green is color. They are available from the months of May all the way to July. Totapuri is one of the most popular mangoes available in India and is known for its distinct taste and aroma.

5. Raspuri Mangoes: Karnataka


Raspuri mangoes are mainly cultivated across Bangalore, Ramanagara, and Kolar during the months of May till June. They are distinguished by their oval shape and an almost inedible skin. These mangoes can beat plenty of other mangoes in terms of their taste and the amount of juice that can be harvested out of them.

6. Amrapali Mangoes: All Across India

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Amrapali mangoes are a hybrid mango variety that was created in the year of 1971. These mangoes are created by breeding Neelam and Dasheri mangoes together and are grown in orchards and farms all over India! They are known for their deep red flesh when they turn fully ripe and have a relatively short shelf life.

7. Fazli Mangoes: West Bengal

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Fazli mangoes are one of the largest varieties of mangoes available in the country and contain a lot of pulp, and are extremely sweet in nature. They can weigh up to a kilogram or more and are grown in the state of West Bengal and around the city of Malda.

8. Mankurad Mangoes: Goa

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Mankurad mangoes are a popular variety of mangoes that are grown all across the state of Goa. It contains less fiber and is naturally sweet. True lovers of mango know that Mankurad is tastier than the famous, Alphonso mangoes.

9. Mallika Mangoes: All Over India

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Mallika mangoes are known for their exceptional sweetness that contains hints of melon, citrus, and honey flavors. Like Amrapali mangoes, they are a mix of Dasheri and Neelam mangoes. They are usually available in the market towards the latter half of summer. They are large, bright in color, and have fewer fibers.

10. Gulab Khaas Mangoes: Bihar, Jharkhand, And West Bengal

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Gulab Khaas mangoes are a delectable fruit that is rosy in flavor and super delicious. The fruit has a red and blushing pink skin and is often used to prepare popular mango desserts. This variety of mango is available between the months of May and June and is relatively smaller in size compared to other mangoes.

11. Vanraj Mangoes: Gujarat

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Vanraj mangoes are pretty rare and are mainly available in the state of Gujarat. They are high in demand and are a little pricier than other mangoes. They are oval in shape, and their skins are a shade of pinkish-red. It is a mid-summer season mango and has a huge fan following amongst mango connoisseurs.

12. Rumani Mangoes: Tamil Nadu

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Rumani mangoes are famous in the state of Tamil Nadu and are even more popular in the city of Chennai. The fruit is extremely rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin A and is hence brilliant for one’s health. Ramani mangoes are popularly consumed in the form of jellies, jams, yogurts, and smoothies.

13. Alphonso Mangoes: Ratnagiri


Alphonso mangoes are mainly available in the months of June and July. They are internationally loved and have a sunshine yellow appearance and rich taste. Alphonsos are what you would picture a mango to look like. They are mainly grown in the state of Maharashtra around Ratnagiri and are popular amongst all mango lovers.

14. Dasheri Mangoes: Uttar Pradesh


Dasheri mangoes are famous in the state of Uttar Pradesh and are popular in the city of Lucknow and its neighboring towns. They are available from mid-May to late August and are easily distinguishable from other types of mangoes.

15. Himsagar Mangoes: West Bengal

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The city of Murshidabad is famous for its fantastic variety of delicious mangoes and is quite close to Kolkata. You can access the town by roadways and railways. Himsagar mangoes are found in the region from early May to mid-June.

There is a reason that mangoes are considered the most popular fruit in this country. They thrive in tropical weather, and India’s soil proves to be the best place for them. Do let us know which of the mangoes featured on our list are your favorite in the comment section below!

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