10 Zodiac Combos That Fight More Than Others

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Each and every single relationship goes through ups and downs. And let’s be honest here, it’s more of downs than the ups in any emotional relationship of our life. That being said, those of you who haven’t had a single fight with your partner, please put your hands up in the air. We’re sure there’s no one raising their hands in the house right now. And we’re not surprised. In fact, we’d be surprised if you’d swear by the fact that your partner and you have never quarreled. That would have been completely abnormal, trust us!

Fights bring two people much closer. (At least that’s what we have been told.) Because it’s only during an argument that you will clearly understand your partner’s point of views. And when the time comes for both of you to reconcile, it gets romantic and the two of you get back stronger than before (1).

But, hey! There could be certain combinations of people whose individual traits will never just make it a normal fight. It would be nothing less than a world war between them. Don’t you think it is best to avoid getting into a relationship with such antithetical characters? The best way to aid this worry of ours is by following our zodiac signs. Here’s a list of the most toxic combos that you need to beware of.

1. Leo Vs. Aquarius


As much as this combo could be passionate towards each other, they can turn into an instant explosive too. Aquarians seek independence and the Leos always want to lead. If these two become a couple, they are never going to budge. Unfortunately, their egos take control of the relationship.

2. Aries Vs. Taurus


The only quality that could be common between these two is the reason for them to rage into a war with each other. Both the signs are stubborn. They are never going to settle an argument. Trust us.

3. Virgo Vs. Gemini


While the Gemini are known to be unpredictable in nature, the Virgos are very sorted in life. Geminis usually have an erratic nature and might even end up cheating on their partners. And Virgos are extremely sensitive and might end up getting hurt. So, there we go, another zodiac pairing down the drain! Not a good mix at all.

4. Scorpio Vs. Aries


They both are ruled by the planet Mars and they both are associated with water and fire. So, this strikes a lot of similarity between the two. And it is these very similarities that could give the relationship a negative twist. Their short-tempered natures might never nourish their bond. Also, the Scorpions are prone to hold grudges against their partners.

5. Gemini Vs. Capricorn


The main problem with this combo is the problem of communication. Gemini will talk about anything and everything with anyone. Whereas, the Capricorns open up very consciously only to those they consider close to them. We all know how important communication is in a relationship (2). And here, there is definitely a gap.

6. Taurus Vs. Aquarius


Taurians love to make their existence felt and Aquarians have a wavering mind. And when a Taurus will try to impose their ideologies on an Aquarius, the Aquarius is sure to back off. And this might further irk the Taurus. In short, they will never be peaceful. A relationship that is peaceful is defiantly what we call an ideal relationship (and nope, we aren’t talking about world peace here).

7. Leo Vs. Scorpio


These two signs are like fixed signs. They will never budge or leave their stance, come what may. Also, they both are power-hungry. They can be very dramatic as a couple. Their hearts might break if they are together.

8. Sagittarius Vs. Virgo


The signs by themselves are of opposite nature — Sagittarius being the fire sign and Virgo being the earth sign. But, it’s the Virgo who could turn this coupling into a turmoil with their forceful approach and the “I want to be in control” attitude. Oh, Virgo, why?

9. Pisces Vs. Leo


Pisces is a water sign, whereas Leo is a fire sign. Together there is no doubt that they could create some steam, but their differences are bound to dampen the romance and love in their relationship. They both expect and express very differently.

10. Aries Vs. Cancer


Cancer demands emotional support. The very dynamic and distracted nature of the Aries will never satisfy this need. Aries will never budge, whereas Cancer will try everything under the sun to make the relationship work (3). It will almost seem like a one-sided relationship, which is very heart-breaking.

It’s the compatibility that defines a healthy relationship these days (4). It’s okay for two people of the opposite sex to be extremely diverse in nature. But it’s their willingness to accept the differences with each other, and make peace with it for the sake of the love between them, that will make a relationship work. These were some of the combinations where compatibility is most likely to go wrong. Do you agree, or do you feel otherwise? Do let us know in the comments below.

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