These Zodiac Pairs Are The Most Passionate And Powerful Together!

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Remember that day in college when the ‘special someone’ made you go weak in the knees? He walked up to you and complimented you for the smart and tactful manner in which you had handled the rogue of the college just the other day. And your common friend teasingly uttered, “You are such a Gemini, and he is such a Sagittarius!”

Well, one doesn’t have to believe in daily horoscopes to enjoy the fun of reading about passion and compatibility between two zodiac signs. Age and marital status no bar either! So, what if you are no longer in your teens? It’s a great stress-buster and makes for a relaxed read. And what if you are a Capricorn married to an Aries? Well, your present relationship will still stay strong depending on how you nurture it. But then it’s always comforting to know why your first boyfriend was such a disaster!

Let the coffee brew, sit back and have fun browsing through these zodiac titbits.

1. Sagittarius – Gemini

Sagittarius – Gemini
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Gemini is known for being funny, witty, and spirited. But this is one zodiac sign that can dread commitment. Amusement is so integral to their life that their idea of turning the heat on would be a playful banter! On the other hand, Sagittarians, being free-spirited people, can be attracted to the smart, energetic, and humorous Gemini.

2. Aquarius – Sagittarius

Aquarius – Sagittarius
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Aquarians can make for intelligent and independent individuals. They are constantly trying to do something new and hate anything that’s monotonous in life. It is this streak of independence and innovation that gives the Sagittarius a complete assurance that he/she will never be tied down. A Sagittarian is a globetrotter full of wanderlust, who loves to explore different cultures and countries. Both of you will make for perfectly adventurous companions together.

3. Libra – Aries

Libra – Aries
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It is quite fascinating to see how the fiery and aggressive Aries gravitates toward the passionate and grounded Libra. Being someone who takes charge of the relationship, Aries is amazed at finding a meaningful and deep-rooted connection with a relaxed Libran soul.

4. Taurus – Cancer

Taurus – Cancer
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The loyal bulls value their relationships the most. They tend to be dependable and sincere once they decide to make the commitment. It is this quality of Taurus that attracts Cancer the most. Cancerians are often sensitive and love to share a deep bond with their soulmate. Both of them find meaningful companionship in each other.

5. Capricorn – Pisces

Capricorn – Pisces
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Representing the tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorns are known for being meticulous and aim towards achieving good quality in whatever they do. Confident and hardworking, the Capricorn has a clear focus in life. On the other hand, the creative Pisces is highly artistic and talented. The passion play between these two is, in fact, a classic example of “opposites attract.”

6. Virgo – Taurus

Virgo – Taurus
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Both Virgo and Taurus tend to be grounded, rooted in traditions, and give utmost importance to their family life. Both of them being Earth signs, they speak the same language of practicality. The Virgo perfectly understands the sensual needs of a Tarus and has a well-rounded relationship with them.

7. Aquarius – Libra

Aquarius – Libra
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Aquarians can be idealistic, enthusiastic, and adventurous at heart. They are unconventional in every walk of life, including their choice of outfits and accessories. The grounded Libra stands by his/her Aquarian partner and lends all the moral and physical support required.

8. Aries – Leo

Aries – Leo
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Ambitious, attention seeking, and passionate, Leos tend to like to have it their way. They love everything that’s luxurious, and they work very hard towards achieving it! So, what happens when they meet the fiery and aggressive Aries? There are fireworks!

9. Libra – Gemini

Libra – Gemini
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Librans can make for some of the most effective diplomats in the world. And it is exactly this quality that makes them a good match for the capricious Gemini. The Geminis need someone to ground them to reality, and Libra does this for them. The two can spend a major part of their lives simply having mentally stimulating conversations!

10. Virgo – Scorpio

Virgo – Scorpio
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For a Virgo, his/her best day of the week is when things have been orderly fitted in place and also when they have checked everything off their “to do” list. Left to themselves, Virgos desire the same perfection in matters of love. The Scorpio appreciates and values this quality of Virgos. Both of them share an intense and deep connection, which is inexplicable. The disciplined Virgo is the only zodiac sign that has a calming effect on the passionate Scorpio.

A soulmate is not necessarily your spouse or live-in partner. He/she is ‘someone special’ with whom you perhaps share your dreams and worldviews. It could be someone you can spend hours together talking to and not realize how time went by. The power of passion and compatibility strongly bind relationships that are not necessarily solemnized socially but are conspired by karmic connection.

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