Hair Oils To Swear

By During Summer

By During Summer

Heat causes the production of grease and combined with dirt, grime, and sweat can make your hair quite messy.

Hot Weather Damage

The right hair oils can deeply penetrate your scalp and keep your hair hydrated, thick, and healthy.

Oil For Moisturization

A deep massage can help repair brittle, damaged, and flaky hair. It is light but rich in Vitamins A, B, and E.

Avocado Oil

Most popular in Indian homes, it is suitable for all hair types and helps control dryness and dandruff problems.

Coconut Oil

This plant-based oil is high in Vitamin E and can protect hair and scalp from UV damage.

Argan Oil

Rich in antioxidants, this oil stimulates hair growth and also helps repair damaged follicles.

Rosehip Seed Oil

Super lightweight, it can help fight grease in heated scalps and help boost volume and make hair look fluffy.

Almond Oil

Very gentle on the scalp, it helps cleanse and also keeps sensitive skin calm and soothed.

Jojoba Oil

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